Advocacy & Lobbying

  • 30 Mar: Preparatory Action on Common Security and Defence Policy
  • 30 Jan: EPIC participates at European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High Level Group
  • 20 Jan: EPIC announces collective industry action to distribute laser kits to schools

Market & Technology

  • 02 Apr: Solid State Medical Imaging Report: X-Ray and Endoscopy
  • 20 Mar: Photonics Technologies for ADAS in the Automotive (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
  • 28 Jan: EPIC Releases LED Front-End Manufacturing Trends Report

Presentations & Publications

  • 08 May: High Power Diode Lasers Workshop Presentations
  • 09 Apr: EPIC AGM Annual General Meeting Presentations
  • 04 Mar: China Laser Industrial Market Analysis

Networking & Events

  • 09 Jun: Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • 14 Apr: EPIC Presents at Optics Valley “Innovation & Lumière”
  • 25 Mar: Breakfast at OFC – Photonic Integrated Circuits

Research & Funding

  • 03 Jun: EPIC Receives PNO Photonics Innovation Award 2015
  • 16 Apr: 1st European Photonics Venture Forum
  • 09 Apr: Presentation European Commission Photonics Priorities 2016-2017
  • Hamamatsu launches Photon Terrace, resourceful educational website on light and photonics. Great outreach material ,
  • VI Systems awarded US patent on parallel optics covering optoelectronic assemblies for high-speed signal transmission ,
  • IQE & Cardiff University establish JV to lead development & commercialization of Compound Semiconductor technologies ,
  • Quantel awarded $7-million contract by Tier 1 defense contractor for lasers into wing-mounted fighter aircraft pod ,
  • Luxexcel (market leader 3D printing of optics) moves into next phase of technology development and application ,
  • Seren Photonics wins Royal Society Emerging Technologies award for its GaN templates for LED manufacturing ,
  • University of Southampton's Zepler Institute manufactures record length of high-performance photonic bandgap fibre ,
  • Fraunhofer ISE Spin-Off Company NexWafe - Kerfless Wafer Technology Brings Dwon Cost of Photovoltaics & Reduce Waste ,
  • Quantel Laser “ELBA” fiber source is undergoing qualification for use in future gene sequencing equipment ,
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European Photonics Venture Forum attracts 110 participants from 15 countries, 24 pitches, 30 investors.

Companies interested in expanding manufacturing in Europe, investing in European photonics companies, purchasing from European companies, establishing research collaborations, or raising capital, can contact EPIC.