Advocacy & Lobbying

  • 30 Mar: Preparatory Action on Common Security and Defence Policy
  • 30 Jan: EPIC participates at European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High Level Group
  • 20 Jan: EPIC announces collective industry action to distribute laser kits to schools

Market & Technology

  • 02 Apr: Solid State Medical Imaging Report: X-Ray and Endoscopy
  • 20 Mar: Photonics Technologies for ADAS in the Automotive (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
  • 28 Jan: EPIC Releases LED Front-End Manufacturing Trends Report

Presentations & Publications

  • 09 Apr: EPIC AGM Annual General Meeting Presentations
  • 04 Mar: China Laser Industrial Market Analysis
  • 24 Feb: Freeform Optics Workshop Presentations

Networking & Events

  • 14 Apr: EPIC Presents at Optics Valley “Innovation & Lumière”
  • 25 Mar: Breakfast at OFC – Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • 20 Jan: EPIC joins International Year of Light Opening Ceremony

Research & Funding

  • 16 Apr: 1st European Photonics Venture Forum
  • 09 Apr: Presentation European Commission Photonics Priorities 2016-2017
  • 02 Dec: EPIC joins Consultation Workshop on Organic and Large Area Electronics
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EPIC member CAILabs develops and sells solutions for the telecom market and industrial lasers

Based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion Technology, the PROTEUS-6B spatial multiplexer combines 6 signals from standard fibers into 6 orthogonal modes of a few-mode fiber. www.cailabs.com