Advocacy & Lobbying

  • 09 Apr: EPIC Presents Phoenix Award 2015 for Entrepreneurship to Pim Kat
  • 30 Mar: Preparatory Action on Common Security and Defence Policy
  • 30 Jan: EPIC participates at European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High Level Group

Market & Technology

  • 02 Dec: Laser and Ultrafast Laser Market Report and Executive Meeting
  • 15 Jul: Report on Photonics for Disaggregated Data Centers
  • 24 Jun: Laser Technologies and Market Trends in Japan

Presentations & Publications

  • 22 Oct: Adverse Atmospheric Conditions on the Battlefield
  • 08 May: High Power Diode Lasers Workshop Presentations
  • 09 Apr: EPIC AGM Annual General Meeting Presentations

Networking & Events

  • 03 Jul: EPIC Presents at Photonics Bretagne General Assembly
  • 09 Jun: Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits in St. Florian am Inn
  • 14 Apr: EPIC Presents at Optics Valley “Innovation & Lumière” in Paris

Research & Funding

  • 03 Jun: EPIC Receives PNO Photonics Innovation Award 2015
  • 16 Apr: 1st European Photonics Venture Forum in Rome
  • 09 Apr: Presentation European Commission Photonics Priorities 2016-2017
  • Zumtobel receives prestigious Green Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design ,
  • Nanoscribe, developer of compact tabletop laser lithography systems for 3D nanostructures, holds US user meeting ,
  • LED solution and lighting control system from Tridonic brings light to historic middle age building ,
  • EVG launches automated metrology system for advanced packaging, MEMS and photonics manufacturing ,
  • To make prototyping of Integrated Photonics more cost efficient, Linkra now offers Multi Project Packaging runs! ,
  • Nice video summarizing the European Photonics Venture Forum 2016 that took place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. ,
  • Graeme Malcolm, CEO and co-founder of M Squared Lasers in Scotland, receives Institute of Physics Swan Medal Award ,
  • Alcohol sensor to end drunken driving, nanoplus collaborates with the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety ,
  • Sad to relay the passing of Prof. John Love on 19 June 2016. Known worldwide for his achievement in optical fibres. ,
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