EPIC Meeting on Infrared Imaging for surveillance and other applications

27-28 March 2018

Grenoble, France

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Infra-red (IR) imaging is a key technology in the field of security and surveillance. Camera systems are used extensively for the protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, powerplants, warehouses, museums, or sport stadiums. In particular, they are largely used for perimeter monitoring. In the coming years, we have seen for example the eruption of “thermal fences” around any facility using arrays of IR detectors with overlapping fields of view. Hence, one of the main challenges of the IR cameras used for security and surveillance is the high reliability expected from these systems to operate under all-weather circumstances, whether extremely warm or cold, sunny, raining, snowy or foggy.

The purpose of this meeting is to pursue an understanding of the state of the art of IR detection systems and the unmet needs from the surveillance and defense sectors. Discussions will cover important technology challenges and market- and application- driven specifications such as the spectral range, type of detector (cooled or uncooled), sensitivity, lense type and size, and many more.




EPIC members and invited companies: 200 EUR (excluding VAT) Non-members: 450 EUR (excluding VAT)

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