Monthly Highlights

December 2017
  • New Members: Femtika, WZW Optics, Photonicsys, Admesy, Jolt Capital, Laservision
  • Outreach: Ushio, EdgeTech Scientific, Dynotech Instruments, Mehta, SLTL, Photonics Watertech, Powency Circuits, UGAM Beam Science, Swastik Laser Technologies, Black Jack Metals, Prakash, Angel India, Lightmotif, MILSTAR, Eagle Photonics, Advanced Photonics, SM Creative Electronics, PARTH, ELE Times, Politecnico de Milano
  • EPIC attends ENGIMACH exhibition in Ahmedabad
  • EPIC presents welcome at entrepreneurship event “Let us grow together” in Mumbai
  • EPIC makes presentation at SEAFOM in London
  • EPIC attends H2020 PASSION project kick-off meeting
  • EPIC attends the Pilot Line day organized by the EU with representatives of the 4 pilot lines (MIRPHAB, PIXAPP, PIX4LIFE and PI
  • SCALE) and the support centre ACTPHAST
  • EPIC publishes article on the EPIC Workshop on PICs in Japan (PIC Magazine)
November 2017
  • New members: 4ISP, Beamagine, Focuz
  • Outreach: VTT, Politecnico de Milano, Elbit, CI Systems, Hamamatsu, Fujikura, Spectral Engines, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital
  • EPIC welcomes Neringa Norbutaite as Events Manager
  • EPIC speaks at Hamamatsu Days: 6 events, 6 cities
  • EPIC presents keynote presentation at Israeli Photonic Association opening in Tel-Aviv
  • EPIC moderates panel discussion at Soirée Centenaire de SupOptique in Paris
  • EPIC presents keynote welcome at Spectral Engines grand opening and product launch
  • EPIC presents keynote presentation at MEDICA Tech Forum in Düsseldorf
  • EPIC presents keynote in 14th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum
  • EPIC organizes Tech Watch at MEDICA-COMPAMED in Düsseldorf (10 presentations)
  • EPIC exhibit at Precision Fair in Veldhoven
  • EPIC organizes Photonics Integrated Circuits event in Tokyo
  • EPIC organizes Biophotonics Event In Vivo Imaging in Amsterdam
  • EPIC releases report 3D Imaging & Sensing
  • EPIC writes event summary “From Daylight to Lighting 4.0”
  • EPIC attends SwissPhotonics event “From Daylight to Lighting 4.0” in Dübendorf
  • EPIC attends 15th Helmholtz Anniversary Reception in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Milipol exhibition in Paris
October 2017
  • 6 New Members: OXXIUS, USHIO, Spectral Engines, Optics 11, Pegasus, DIBOTICS
  • Outreach: Hamamatsu, Optogama, Hubner, Jenoptik, Fraunhofer IOF, asphericon, LioniX, Vigo System, LYPE Laser Solution, Chutian Laser, YOFC, Photonteck, HG Tech, QUESTT, Raycus Laser, Huaray Laser, ARGUS, HE Laser, Golden Laser
  • EPIC Welcomes Auri Ripoll as Marketing Manager
  • EPIC releases report 55 Slides on LIDAR applications and markets
  • EPIC acquires license for AMIPLEXUS (EU projects search partners)
  • EPIC organizes Entrepreneurship – Startup – Venture Forum in Berlin
  • EPIC organizes workshop on Freeform Optics for the Medical, Space and Automotive Industry in Jena
  • EPIC keynote at IEEE Sensors conference (Special Workshop on EU Photonics Pilot Lines) in Glasgow
  • EPIC keynote at Laser Summit in Wuhan
  • EPIC keynote at 14th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum
    in Wuhan
  • EPIC publishes article on Optical Beam Shaping (Optik and Photonik)
  • EPIC publishes article on Unmet Needs in Laser Material Processing (Optik and Photonik)
  • EPIC publishes article EPIC Industry pushing new technologies for LIDAR (Europhotonics)
  • EPIC publishes welcome address in 14th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum
  • EPIC attends PIXAPP general meeting at LioniX in Enschede
  • EPIC attends MIRPHAB general meeting at Vigo System in Ozarow Mazowiecki
  • EPIC attends Photonex in Coventry
  • EPIC attends Innovation Drift in Vilnius
  • EPIC attends photonics event in Beijing
  • EPIC attends Laser Taiwan in Taipei
  • EPIC attends the IEEE Sensors in Glasgow
September 2017
  • 4 New Members: Jenoptik, Excelitas, Proximion, Amires
  • EPIC visits 27 companies: Holst, V-Research, Alphanov, Amplitudes Systemes, Eolite, LASEA, FOXCONN, Ruigu, United Winners Laser, Potent, Hanma Laser, Guangzhou Being Nano-Instrument, Ante Laser, Riton Laser, Sunine Laser, Baisheng Laser, GKing Laser Technology, Hymson, JKJCNC, Max Photonics, Han’s Laser, Super Laser, CASSTK, VI Laser, China Wheel Jiangmen, Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle.
  • EPIC organizes Workshop on Miniaturization of Solid State Lighting Systems in Bregenz
  • EPIC organizes VIP Party at ECOC in Gothenburg
  • EPIC organizes Photonics Tech Talk at CIOE in Shenzhen
  • EPIC hosts GDLIA dinner and members dinner in Shenzhen
  • EPIC exhibits at Photonics Integration Conference PHI in Eindhoven
  • EPIC exhibits at LpS Conference and Trends of Lighting in Bregenz
  • EPIC keynote speaker at PI – Meet the Expert Silicon Photonics in Eindhoven
  • EPIC presents welcome address in Jianmeng
  • EPIC presents PIXAPP Pilot Line at ESREF (European Symposium on Reliability of Electronic devices Failure physics and analysis) in Bordeaux
  • EPIC publishes video promoting “What is a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) and how does it make your product better?
  • EPIC signs partnership with SEAFOM (Subsea Fiber Optic Monitoring Group)
  • EPIC release Chinese brochure promoting EPIC members
  • EPIC attends ECOC with PIXAPP/PIX4life booth at ECOC in Gothenburg
  • EPIC attends SPIE Conference on Optical Science Technologies for Advanced Security and Defence Systems with MIRPHAB booth in Warsaw
  • EPIC attends TERABOARD review meeting in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Pics4All review meeting in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Advanced Laser Technology and Application Exhibition in Guangzhou
  • EPIC attends Laser World of Photonics in New Delhi
  • EPIC attends BO-HI Medical Exhibition in Suzhou
  • EPIC attends Intelligent Equipment, Model Metal Processing, Mechanical Industry Exhibition in Jiangmen
  • EPIC attends CIOE in Shenzhen
  • EPIC Board of Directors meeting hosted by Lumentum in Zurich
  • EPIC colleague Carmen Ferrari leaves EPIC to work at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre
August 2017
  • 7 New Members: Elforlight, HiLase, Enablence, Schott, KAIAM, QPO, Snell Optics
  • Outreach: WESI Technology, OPTTON, SPI Laser, TRUMPF, Gausslasers, Shanghai Feibo Laser Technology, China Optics Press, Hero Laser, Kunshan Theta Micro, TKK, Suzhou Inngu Laser, Suzhou Bellin Laser, Microport, Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology, PI, Ocean Optics, Axetris, SYLEX, International Laser Center, SQS, Argotech, Hilase
  • EPIC attends the Group IV Photonics Conference in Berlin
July 2017
  • 18 New Members: Class5Photonics, Spectra Physics (MKS) TelAviv, SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH, NEO Monitors, EurA, CommScope, SEDI-ATI, FISBA, Messe Stuttgart (VISION & LASYS), NTU Athens, Faz Technology, IHB Consulting & Trading, ZEMAX, Obducat, LightPath, Mentor, Laserline, Sony
  • Outreach: Raylase, II-VI, CSEM, Onefive, ILT, Tyndall
  • EPIC attends MIRPHAB business plan meeting in Paris
  • EPIC attends PIXAPP meeting at Tyndall in Cork
  • EPIC presents “Photonic Integrated Circuits and Mid Infrared Sensors in Marine Applications” at Photonics4BlueGrowth in Santiago de Compostela
June 2017
  • 12 New Members: Aquitaine Science Transfer, LG, LUX/TSI, FastTree 3D, Berenschot, ICON Photonics, LaserPoint, LEJ, Schaefter + Kirchhoff, University of Valencia Photonics Department, Pilot Photonics, ThunderNIL
  • Outreach: ficonTEC, Fraunhofer IOSB, CK Laser, HSG Laser, S&A, FOXCONN, Grace Laser Technology, China Instrument and Control Society, Pinnacle, BWT, Beijing University of Technology, Luster, Avantes, DZD Photonics, GermanTech, Laserwave, Beijing Powered Laser, Coherent, SABIC, European Space Agency, Diamond FO, Trumpf, Fraunhofer IOSB, Laserline
  • EPIC organizes Workshop at European Space Agency in Noordwijk
  • EPIC organizes Workshop on Specialty Fibers for Harsh Environments and Fiber Lasers at DIAMOND in Losone
  • EPIC organizes Workshop on Optical Adhesives at LASER World of PHOTONICS
  • EPIC organizes Workshop on Beam Shaping Technologies for Laser Material Processing at LASER World of PHOTONICS
  • EPIC organizes Executive Breakfast at LASER World of PHOTONICS
  • EPIC organizes Session in Photonics for Medical, Agricultural and Industrial Applications, Photonics Event in Veldhoven
  • EPIC presents “Photonics for Automotive” at RESPICE Workshop at LASER World of Photonics in Munich
  • EPIC gives keynote opening presentation at World Technology Mapping Forum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • EPIC presents “Optical fiber technologies for Defense” at European Defense Agency Captech meeting in Fraunhofer IOSB in Ettlingen
  • EPIC presents “UV LED Technology and Market Trends” at International Lighting Exhibition in Guangzhou
  • EPIC attends Corporate Strategy Dinner at World Technology Mapping Forum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • EPIC exhibits at Photonics Event in Veldhoven
  • EPIC exhibits at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich
  • EPIC visits International Lighting Exhibition in Guangzhou
  • EPIC visits Guangdong Equipment Manufacturing Expo in Zhongshan
  • EPIC visits 9th Photonics China Expo in Beijing
  • Posting 200+ Jobs for members
May 2017
  • 5 New Members: Laser & Crystal, Optimax, ULIS, Stoneguard Capital, ICAP
  • Outreach: Hamamatsu, Lumetrics, Optimax, University of Rochester, SYDOR Optics, National Research Council of Italy, Dodd Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies, SABIC, KingBeFound Laser, Ruigu, United Winners Laser, MAX Photonics, Han’s Laser, Hero Laser, Cobolt, Northlab
  • EPIC organises workshop on Automation for Fabrication and Testing of Optoelectronics at ficonTEC in Achim
  • EPIC organises 2nd EU-Asia Laser Industry Summit in Shenzhen
  • Jose Pozo presents at Photonics4Automotive workshop at Automobile Barcelona Tradeshow
  • Anna Feis presents at IESSA in Cape Town
  • Carlos Lee presents at “Why Photonics Matters in Life Science” at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm
  • Anna Feis invited as expert jury chair at EPVF (European Photonics Venture Forum) in Dublin
  • Anna Feis invited chairs panel moderation at EPVF (European Photonics Venture Forum) in Dublin
  • Jose Pozo becomes committee member of FOAN 2017 Fiber Optics in Access Networks
  • EPIC attends European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) in Dublin
  • EPIC attends AIM Photonics proposers event in Rochester
April 2017
  • 6 new members: AMICRA, Holst Centre, Elbit Systems, Joanneum Research, Optics Balzers, NILT
  • EPIC outreach visits: LASEA, ICN2
  • EPIC appoints new president: Benno Oderkerk, CEO, Avantes
  • EPIC speaks keynote at “Nanoimprint Lithography Workshop” in Barcelona
  • EPIC organizes Annual General Meeting in Eindhoven
  • PIC presents Phoenix Award 2017 to Next Scan Technology
  • EPIC organizes workshop on EU Funding in Eindhoven
  • EPIC organizes workshop on Entrepreneurship with Milton Chang in Eindhoven
  • EPIC exhibits at ECIO Conference
March 2017
  • 9 new members: Brolis Semiconductors, CI Systems, Corial, NIT, Primoceler, Volpi, Zicom/Endofotonics, Unity SC, Cordon Group
  • EPIC outreach visits: Delphi Laser, Tianhong Laser, Lead Laser, imec
  • EPIC organizes VIP Photonics Integrated Circuits Networking Dinner in Brussels
  • EPIC organises Breakfast on Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) – PIXAPP project
  • EPIC speaks at European Central bank and MIT Lab in Frankfurt
  • EPIC chairs the PIC Awards 2017 in Brussels
  • EPIC represents pilot lines at Photonics21 Annual Meeting
  • EPIC exhibits at PIC International in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 Annual Meeting in Brussels
  • EPIC attends TERABOARD Consortium in Leuven
  • EPIC attends LASER World of PHOTONICS in Shanghai
  • EPIC attends OFC in Los Angeles
  • EPIC attends Leadership and High Performing Cross Functional Teams in Brussels
  • EPIC attends International Photonics Advocacy Coalition in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Lighting the future for Europe in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Quantum Technologies – How will they change our world? In Brussels
  • EPIC attends Pilot Line training at imec in Leuven
  • EPIC attends OptecNet Jahrestagung in Mainz
  • EPIC attends LMN Laser CEO Night in Shanghai
  • EPIC attends Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
February 2017
  • 3 new members: CSIR, Laser Components, GLOphotonics
  • EPIC outreach visits: Facebook, Finisar, Google, Ophir, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, National Metrology Institute South Africa, South African National Energy Development Initiative, South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, ECI, Orbotech, Spectra Physics, Elbit Systems, Powerlase, IQE, imec
  • EPIC organizes visit to companies: ECI, Orbotech, Spectra Physics, Elbit Systems, InPhoTec
  • EPIC speaks at PetaCloud International Symposium in Tel-Aviv
  • EPIC welcomes attendees at 6th OASIS International Conference and Exhibition on Optics and Electro-Optics in Tel Aviv
  • EPIC signs MoU with IAESI (Israel Association of Electronics & Software Industries)
  • EPIC organizes Delegation to Israel
  • EPIC organizes Workshop on PIC Testing in Pisa
  • EPIC organizes Tech Watch at W3 Fair in Wetzlar
  • EPIC joins ECIO 2018 committee in Valencia
  • EPIC shares report UV LED – Technology, Manufacturing and Application Trends
  • EPIC attends MIRPHAB Consortium and Review meeting in Brussels
  • EPIC attends PIXAPP Review meeting in Brussels
  • EPIC attends Day After Tomorrow conference in Ghent
  • EPIC attends Association Excellence Awards in Brussels
  • EPIC holds board meeting hosted by IQE in Cardiff
January 2017
  • 2 new members: Ophir, Sylex
  • EPIC outreach visits: Ophir, Coherent (Singapore), Globalfoundries, DenseLight, Finisar (Singapore), National University Singapore, HistoIndex, Nanyang Technological University, Economic Development Board Singapore, Elbit, Holo Or, Orbotech, ISERD, Association of Electronics and Software Industries, Stanford University, Meadowlark Optics, National Technical University of Athens, Tyndall
  • EPIC company visits: Coherent (Singapore), Globalfoundries, DenseLight,  National University Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Economic Development Board Singapore
  • EPIC organizes Delegation to Singapore
  • EPIC organizes Global Photonics Cluster Meeting
  • EPIC organizes 5 Miles Run
  • EPIC organizes Golf Get-Together Networking
  • EPIC organizes pavilion and exhibits at Photonics West
  • EPIC attends Laser Market Seminar in San Francisco
  • EPIC attends 22nd meeting of the IOA International Optoelectronics Association in San Francisco
  • EPIC attends SPIE Cluster Reception
  • EPIC attends conference on 3D Printing of Electronics in Eindhoven
  • EPIC attends Swiss Precision for Photonics at Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco
  • EPIC attends the PIXAPP Kick-off meeting in Cork
  • EPIC attends PICS4ALL Consortium meeting in Athens
  • EPIC chairs MIRPHAB sensing and spectroscopy workshop in San Francisco
  • EPIC speaks at Photonic Integration Week in Valencia
  • EPIC shares report Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends
  • EPIC releases annual activity report
December 2016
  • 5 new members: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, ELAS, LiGenTec, PhotonX Networks, Prodrive Technologies.
  • EPIC visits: CSEM, Axetris, Diamond, ETH Zurich, Onefive, Toptica, Corning, Chroma, Thorlabs, Laser Components, Hamamatsu.
  • Jose Pozo participates in ams Technologies annual meeting
  • Carlos Lee named finalist for “Leadership Award” European Associations Award 2017
  • EPIC organizes workshop “Translating Biophotonics Technologies to Clinical Oncology: Perspectives & Challenges”
  • EPIC organizes “Executive Breakfast” in Zurich, Switzerland
  • EPIC organizes “EPIC Dinner” in Munich, Germany
  • EPIC moderates workshop “Intelligent efficient solid-state lighting” in Muttenz, Switzerland
  • EPIC exhibits at Robotics and Photonics for Healthcare, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • EPIC meets UPMC students
  • EPIC visits MicroNanoConference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
November 2016
  • 3 new members: W3+FAIR, IN-PART, IRnova.
  • EPIC visits: Hi-tech International Business Incubator, Sunny Tecnologies, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Kaiam, First Light Imaging, SP3H, Crosslux.
  • EPIC organizes workshop on “Photonics & Opto-Electronics Packaging” in Edinburgh, UK
  • EPIC organizes member visit to Kaiam
  • EPIC moderates ISA General Assembly, Beijing, China
  • EPIC moderates B2Health Business & Networking event in Marseilles, France
  • EPIC publishes PIC Packaging videos
  • EPIC sign MoU wish CSA (China SSL Association)
  • EPIC exhibits at 7th Intelligent Sensors Network Conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • EPIC exhibits at Precisie Beurs, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • EPIC attends 8th ISA Executive Member Meeting in Beijing, China
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 Board of Stakeholder Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany
  • EPIC attends 3rd Printing Revolution and the Dental Sector in Brussels, Belgium
  • EPIC joins Lithuanian laser delegation in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • EPIC visits Vision in Stuttgart, Germany
  • EPIC visits Medica in Duesseldorf, Germany
  • EPIC becomes member of ePIXfab
  • Ana Gonzalez joins EPIC as Project Leader
October 2016
  • 3 new members: fibeReality, Luz Wavelabs, X-Celeprint
  • EPIC visits Lumics, Doric Lenses, Nüvü Caméras, Reflex photonics, ITF Technologies.
  • EPIC partners with PIC Awards 2017
  • EPIC becomes member of AIM Photonics (American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics)
  • EPIC presents keynote at Innovation 360, Montréal, Canada
  • EPIC organizes workshop on “Optical Fiber Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring”
  • EPIC organizes session at SEMICON Europa on “Silicon Photonics”
  • EPIC organizes Micro Photonics Executive Breakfast
  • EPIC organizes Tech Watch Forum in Berlin, Germany
  • EPIC organizes IP Workshop in Berlin, Germany
  • EPIC organizes IP Workshop in Berlin, Germany
  • EPIC organizes IP Workshop in Coventry, UK
  • EPIC attend “Presentation of the International Year of Light 2015 Final Report” in Paris, France
  • EPIC attends MIRPHAB Consortium meeting
  • EPIC attends TERABOARD Consortium meeting
  • EPIC exhibits at micro photonics in Berlin
  • EPIC visits EuroBlech in Hannover, Germany
September 2016
  • 9 new members: AIMEN, Direct Machining Control, ETH Zurich, HiLight Semiconductor, InnoLas Solutions, Laser 2000, LEUKOS, Optoskand, VIGO Systems.
  • EPIC visits: JOSE OUTREACH 6 SEPTEMBER ???, VI Systems, INOPTEC, Modulight, Rockley Photonics
  • EPIC organizes “Executive Meeting on Lasers and Material Processing” in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • EPIC participates in LpS Press panel conference
  • EPIC makes presentation at Institut d’Optique Graduate School in Palaiseau, France
  • EPIC moderates “Future Photonics Hub Industry Day” in Southampton, UK
  • EPIC moderates “Photonics Entrepreneurship Day 2016” in Berlin, Germany
  • EPIC moderates “From Idea to Packaging” at 2nd Photonic Integration Conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • EPIC organizes workshop “Lighting in Horticulture” in Bregenz, Austria
  • EPIC organizes “Members VIP Party @ ECOC” in Duesseldorf, Germany
  • EPIC organizes delegation trip to Zumtobel
  • EPIC organizes Board of Directors meeting in Tampere, Finland
  • EPIC exhibits at ECOC in Duesseldorf, Germany
  • EPIC exhibits at LpS in Bregenz, Austria
  • EPIC exhibits at 2nd Photonic Integration Conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • EPIC promotes 200 job openings at EPIC member companies
  • EPIC attends training “Media Messaging for Associations”
  • EPIC interview in Verslo žinios
  • EPIC appoints Jan Meise, CEO of AMS Technologies, to board of directors
August 2016
  • 6 new members: Aarhus University, AEMtec, aXenic, INOPTEC, LASEA, Spectra Physics.
  • EPIC visits: CHALMERS, NYFORS, Cobolt, SAAB , ACREO, IR Nova, Northlab, Hamamatsu, Finisar, Nocilis Sensors, Light Conversion, Altechna.
  • EPIC presents keynote at “Lasers: Science and Technologies” in Bebrusai, Lithuania
  • EPIC supports Photonics4All: European Photonics Start-up Challenge
  • Carmen Ferrari joins EPIC as Events and Marketing Manager
July 2016
  • 8 new members: BrPhotonics, Eksma, Eksma Optics (Optolita), Ekspla, ESTEC / European Space Agency, Fraunhofer UK, Optocap, Photon Delta.
  • EPIC visits: Oclaro, II-VI, Fianium, Southampton University / ORC, Powerlase
  • Jose Pozo participates in Sensofar Incubation Camp in Barcelona, Spain
  • Carlos Lee participates in High-Tech Forum in Torbay
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 Work Group 3 meeting
  • EPIC attends LACSEA (Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis) in Heidelberg, Germany
June 2016
May 2016
  • 8 new members: Aston University, Optogama, Eksma, Eksma Optics, Ekspla, Optosigma, Technology Scotland, UPMC
  • EPIC visits: MAX Photonics, Hero Laser
  • EPIC writes article in Optik & Photonik on EPIC AGM 2016 Summary
  • EPIC organizes Healthtech event on Photonic Systems for Life Sciences Applications
  • EPIC organizes EU-Asia Laser Industry Summit
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 WG6
  • EPIC attends Photonics21 WG1
  • EPIC attends FinTech Investment Summit
  • EPIC attends course on “Association Leadership”
  • EPIC attends H2020 MIRPHAB Review Meeting
  • EPIC writes article in OPEN SCIENCE EU on Photonics is Everywhere!
  • EPIC writes article in Europhotonics on UK universities
April 2016
March 2016
February 2016
January 2016
December 2015
November 2015
October 2015
  • 13 new members: Bay Photonics, Settels Savenije Group of Companies, Greentropism, Light Conversion, monocrom, Bright Solutions, UWAVE, Radiantis, Pixelteq, Fibercryst, Lumerical, Coractive, GAP Laser
  • EPIC visits: Oclaro Cambridge University, CERN, Sofradir
  • EPIC meeting with Nanyang Technological University from Singapore and EPIC members
  • EPIC organizes workshop on “Adverse Atmospheric Conditions on the Battlefield hosted by SOFRADIR in Veurey-Voroize”
  • EPIC organizes Semiconductor Training hosted by Oclaro in Caswell
  • EPIC exhibits at Photonex UK in Coventry
  • EPIC sponsors OSA Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference and Exhibition
  • Carlos Lee joins editorial committee of “Laser Manufacture News” the authoritative publication of China laser industry, run by Guangdong XingZhiQiu Laser Technology
  • Carlos Lee accepts to chairing EMLC 2016 – European Mask and Lithography Conference
  • EPIC Board of Directors meeting in Brussels
September 2015
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July 2015
June 2015
May 2015
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February 2015
January 2015
December 2014
November 2014
October 2014
September 2014
August 2014
July 2014
June 2014
May 2014
  • 4 new members: AMS Technologies (Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies), Berlin Partner for Business and Technology (Regional development agency) , INL (Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology), M Squared Lasers
  • EPIC publishes article on “The benefit of photonic technologies in rural areas”
  • EPIC visits Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland
  • EPIC exhibits at AKL – International Laser Technology Congress in Aachen
  • EPIC contributes to workshops CRM_InnoNet (Critical Raw Materials)
  • EPIC attends Optatec in Frankfurt
  • EPIC attends European Business Summit
  • EPIC attends Smart Lighting in Barcelona
  • EPIC attends Enhancing dual-use technologies and products/services as a regional competitiveness factor
  • EPIC attends European Commission Workshop on Education, Training, Skills
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
January 2014
  • 14 new members: SQS (Fiber Optic), ORC (University of Southampton), SensUp(Lasers), CAILabs (Optics), Avantes (Spectrometers), Lueger Research (LED Lighting),Technobis (Fibre Technologies), Resolution Spectra Systems (Spectroscopy),Multiphoton Optics (Optical Interconnect), DILAS (Diode Lasers), Prima Electro(Electronics and Laser Technologies), JePPIX (Photonic Integrated Components), ipht(Research), Glyndwr University (Research)
  • EPIC has grown 58% in 18 months, today 127 members in 21 countries are part of the European Photonics Industry Consortium. The EPIC reach through LinkedIn reaches 47.764 members, EPIC videos count 3.303 views in 1 year, the personal contacts network includes 4.137 industry leaders and experts (see slides)
  • EPIC organizes B2B Roundtable on Laser Technologies for Applications and Systems in Defense & Security with presence of leading integrators (see video)
  • EPIC president Drew Nelson attends European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High Level Group meeting to present report.
  • EPIC attends European Commission information day on H2020
  • EPIC attends the kick-off meeting of Invest in Photonics Convention
  • EPIC pavilion at OFC features 5 members: Bright Photonics, JePPIX, Smart Photonics, VLC, Yelo (see advertisement)
  • EPIC Biophotonics review published in Electro Optics
  • EPIC Photonic Integrated Circuits review published in Electro Optics
December 2013
  • New members: Yelo (test equipment), IMT (precision on glass), OPI Photonics (high power laser systems), PhoeniX (design and software), Umicore (materials), SAFC(chemicals and materials), Australian National University, TechnoSpark Nanocenter(Russia technopark)
  • EPIC visits: Multitel, Avantes, TE Connectivity, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Suss MicroOptics, IBM
  • EPIC organizes EU funding session following H2020 announcement
  • EPIC organizes event on Photonic Integrated Circuits (see video)
  • EPIC organizes 2 meetings with European Commission DG Research and DG Climate Change on CPV
  • EPIC hosts 18th meeting of International Optoelectronics Association (see video)
  • EPIC presents Phoenix Award to Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering Ltd
  • EPIC celebrates 10th Anniversary (see video)
  • EPIC publishes review of LED Technology Workshop event in Electro Optics
  • EPIC publishes editorial Looking Ahead – 10th anniversary of the European Photonics Industry Consortium in Optik & Photonik
November 2013
October 2013
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