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Obducat successfully launches revolutionary new NIL system for mass production

Obducat introduced Sindre™, its High Volume Manufacturing system for Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) to an audience numbering more than 200 specially invited guests, shareholders, industrial partners, users and the press.

During the past five years Nanoimprint has established a place in the US$ 4-5 Billion lithography market as a solution which is simple and economical, with excellent image resolution; however until now, no production solution existed.

Obducat, who enjoys a 40% share of the worlds installed base of NIL systems, believes the Sindre™ system offers a manufacturing level solution to producers of consumer products such as cameras, mobile phones, palmtops, flat screens and next generation hard disk drives as well as optical storage media like HD-DVD and Blu-ray, many of who already employ NIL with research level tools from Obducat.

Products within optoelectronics already benefit from Obducat’s production technology. Patrik Lundstrom, CEO of Obducat, said that: “The industrial breakthrough was a year earlier than planned since one of Obducat customers started manufacturing of commercial products early last year. This already very positively influenced our ongoing client relations in respect of high volume manufacturing.”

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