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ALPhANOV strengthens and expands

Pascal Dupriez, Rainer Kling and Arnaud Zoubir join ALPhANOV - Reorganization into three fields of excellence - New premises at the City of Photonics (Pessac – France)

ALPhANOV, the Optics and Laser Technology Center of the Route des Lasers cluster (Bordeaux – France) just hired three new employees, and fleshing out its management team. These new hires accompany a reorganization of activities and a new location at the City of Photonics in Pessac in the outskirts of Bordeaux.

APhANOV, the technology center of the Bordeaux Route des Lasers cluster, has completed the reorganization of its business into three business units:

  • Micromachining laser: study of various phenomena of interaction laser / material; application of these phenomena to any type of material, including living tissue; development of industrial processes.
  • Lasers: development of laser sources and components, with expertise in special optical fibers; implementation of these elements; development of new architectures.
  • Systems: Design and production of optical systems; development and provision of a platform for terahertz and photo-thermal imaging; implementation of micro-mirrors arrays.

Each division offers its core partners and customers ALPhANOV’s full expertise:

  • Participation in collaborative projects coordinated by the center or not, to accelerate technology transfer between research laboratories and companies or to help them develop innovative products
  • Tailored solutions to technological or industrial problems, based on the technical and human resources from the center,
  • Process validation and small series manufacturing
  • Internal research and product catalogs from this research

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Contact: Françoise Métivier – +33 6 30 98 48 08

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