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Patent from the TU Berlin generates revenue of over one half million Euros

The Technical University of Berlin and its technology transfer partner ipal announce today the closing of a contract with a global player in the semiconductor industry.

logo TUB The company paid significantly more than one half million Euros for a fundamental patent based on an invention from the Technical University of Berlin. The patent allows a significant increase in the energy conversion efficiency of photonic components. According to German law on employee inventions the inventors receive a part of the revenue generated by the transaction. The patent monetisation company ipal, exclusive partner for technology transfer and patent licensing and sale for Berlin’s universities and technical colleges, acquired and negotiated the deal for the TU Berlin.

The renowned TU researcher Prof. Dr. Dieter Bimberg leads the Center for Nanophotonics and the Institut for Solid State Physics at the TU Berlin. With his multi-disciplinary team the physicist repeatedly reaches new records in data transfer rates with photonic devices based on the latest accomplishments in nanotechnology. Most recently his research group and partners received the Green Photonics Award at the world’s largest photonics conference – Photonics West in San Francisco. In his long research career his many inventions created the foundation for successful industry collaborations and new startups. Through his experience in technology transfer he knows that „this kind of transfer of university know-how is only possible with professional support and execution“. Inventions of the TU Berlin are evaluated, patented and marketed by ipal. „Nevertheless, big deals with industry are only possible when all stakeholders – inventors, university, and technology transfer agency work together for the same goals“, emphasizes Dr. Dirk Dantz, Managing Director of ipal.

Leading the negotiations for ipal and the TU Berlin was Dr. Kirk Haselton, Licensing Manager with ipal. The US-born physicist has many years of experience in technology transfer and knows therefore that „even in the US market, in which trade in licenses and patents has been established for decades, revenue of this magnitude for technologies from universities is significant and is not the general rule“. Statistics from the US organization AUTM show that only about 150 inventions from US universities in 2010 generated revenues greater than one million dollars.

Press release for download as PDF Document.

About ipal ipal GmbH, a company of IBB Berlin and Berlin´s universities, is the leading technology marketer in the Berlin region. Ranging from the assessment of patentability and market capability of technologies to their comprehensive patent protection and technology development all the way to successful commercialization and administration of property right portfolios, and strategic IP-consultancy, the company provides an extensive catalogue of services in support of innovations, patents and licenses. Apart from academics, ipal also operates for non-academic research institutes, small and middle-sized enterprises, start-ups as well as for patent and technology funds, thereby bridging the gap between science and industry.

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