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Aifotec Fiberoptics and Focuz Manufacturing form strategic partnership

German Engineering meets Thai Manufacturing.

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With the background of strong personal cooperation in the past, Aifotec Fiberoptics GmbH based in Meiningen, Germany and Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Based in Bangkok, Thailand have decided to form an official strategic partnership. The agreement aims at combining photonic assembly process development with cost optimization and quality any-volume manufacturing to create a design and manufacturing service uniquely experienced in cost effective photonic assemblies.

The expertise within Focuz and Aifotec complement each other extremely well:

Aifotecs’ Hybrid Integration Technology allows packaging process development solutions for optical engines across leading-edge benches such as glass, ceramic, polymer and silicon, using either eutectic bonding, as well as different gluing technologies.

Focuz is a proven supplier of volume manufacturing, engineering and supply chain management services including fiber optic cabling, die- & wirebonding and packaging up to final product level for opto-electrical systems. Situated in Bangkok, Thailand, Focuz provides huge cost benefits when ramping product to volume.

The partnership is aimed at demonstrating the joint forces of the companies to the market and also enables effective project resources to be allocated for our customers.

There is a huge and growing demand in contract design, manufacturing and packaging of electro-optical components and subassemblies in bandwidth-demanding applications of e.g. the high-volume consumer and data communication markets. These markets are driven by cost sensitivity right from the design start, however meet the challenge of new processes, process technologies and materials needing to be utilized. This requires more than just brute force mass production capability – it requires a smart, teamed approach to the right choice of materials and processes to Design For Manufacturability (DFM) employing an in-depth experience in the physics of photonics and electro-optical coupling.

“Together with Aifotec we can offer the customer a wider scope of services and an effective cycling from prototypes to final product, and optimize the total product cost and the process for manufacturing. This partnership is expected to result in a very positive outcome for our customers”, says Dr. Teera Achariypaopan, President&CEO of Focuz.

“When looking for cost effective prototyping and process development, we find the cooperation with Focuz to be an outstanding partnership for us. We can offer our customers a complete service chain all the way to a final, pig-tailed and packaged product at module or system level.” says Dr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO and Founder of Aifotec GmbH.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Prince General Manager Sales&Marketing Aifotec Fiberoptics GmbH
Tel.: +4936938813170
Email: Fredrik.prince@aifotec.com

Dr. Teera Achariypaopan
CEO Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Tel.: +66-2-5295708
Email: contact@focuz-mfg.com http://www.focuz-mfg.com

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