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ASML sets two new lithography milestones at SPIE

ASML Holding NV (The Netherlands) will present record imaging results for immersion and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technologies during SPIE Microlithography 2007.

ASML will show two sets of breakthrough lithography results at the annual conference including 37-nm dense lines produced on the TWINSCAN™ XT:1900i, and both 32-nm dense lines and 32-nm dense contact holes from ASML full field EUV Alpha Demo Tools (ADT). ASML said it has already shipped 36 immersion systems. The TWINSCAN XT:1700i immersion scanner is now ramping for production at customer sites. ASML's 37-nm results were accomplished on the TWINSCAN XT:1900i. This next generation immersion system features the same advanced catadioptric lens design as the XT:1700i, but with better resolution capability due to the higher numerical aperture of 1.35. The throughput has increased to 131 wafers per hour. In addition to the immersion results, ASML will also present 32-nm dense lines and 32-nm dense contact holes using EUV lithography. This technology still promises to give the most cost-effective and extendible option for production at the 32-nm node and beyond. ASML was the first to ship full field EUV systems to customers, and currently has orders for three EUV pre-production systems. The first shipments are planned for 2009.

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