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Quantel acquires Nuvonyx Europe

Quantel acquires a 100% of Nuvonyx Europe, a subsidiary of the US company ICx.

This company, previously a Thalès Group subsidiary, designs and manufactures high-power laser diodes, generating revenues of around €5 million. In 2006, its operating income came close to breaking even, excluding non-recurring provisions.

It offers a remarkable technology for quasi continuous high-power laser diodes, with applications covering a wide range of fields, from defence and spatial to pulsed lasers pumping.

Strategic vertical integration
Through this acquisition, QUANTEL is further strengthening its range of products while bringing on board a fundamental technology for the development of diode pumped lasers. The components produced by Nuvonyx Europe, which will pave the way for greater integration of the value chain for
Quantel, are aimed at all of the markets on which the Group is present (scientific, industrial, medical and military).

This operation, which will represent a total investment of around €2.5 million, will be financed through a €3 million capital increase (including share premium), with 118,720 new shares to be created at a price of €25.27, with subscription reserved to about 10 institutional investors under a private
placement. This capital increase will be submitted for approval at an extraordinary general meeting that will be convened shortly, with a view to being held on March 15th, 2007.

About the Quantel Group
Founded in 1970, the QUANTEL Group has over the last 10 years established itself as one of the world's leading specialists for scientific (research laboratories, universities), industrial (micromachining, metrics, military) and medical (ophthalmology, dermatology) laser technologies.
Located in France and the US, through its Big Sky Laser subsidiary, the QUANTEL Group generated €2.9 million in net income in 2005 and €36.9 million in revenues, with 81% on international markets, split between scientific and industrial applications (52%) and medical clients (48%) for lasers.

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