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SUSS Announces 300mm SOI Bonding System

Product launch is the latest addition to the ELAN wafer bonder family
First tool shipped to leading SOI manufacturer

At Semicon West 2007, SUSS MicroTec., a leading supplier of precision manufacturing and test equipment for the semiconductor and related markets, announced the launch of it’s new 300mm SOI wafer bonding system. Called the ELAN CBC300SOI, it represents the most recent addition to SUSS’ wafer bonder product portfolio. Additionally, SUSS announced it has already shipped its new 300mm SOI wafer bonding system to a leading manufacturer of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates SUSS’ continued commitment to bringing the most advanced technology to the wafer bonding marketplace” said Michael Kipp, President, Wafer Bonder Division, SUSS MicroTec. “The ELAN CBC300SOI bonding system boasts significant throughput and cost-of-ownership improvements over what is currently available in the industry. Today, wafer bonding is clearly the most critical step in the production of SOI wafers and the ELAN CBC300SOI meets the challenges of this rapidly expanding market”.

At the core of the ELAN CBC300SOI cluster tool’s improved throughput capabilities is the SUSS patented single-station bond technology, which allows for 300mm cleaning, aligning, and bonding to occur within a single process module. Single-station bonding eliminates wafer handling between each step in the bonding process, improving cleanliness and productivity.

The ELAN CBC300SOI’s advanced cleaning technologies ensure void-free bonding. SUSS’ unique unibody dual-nozzle megasonic cleaner and programmable IR-assisted spin drying result in extremely clean wafers and controlled surface drying. Taken together, the cleaning and bonding capabilities of the ELAN CBC300SOI represent a significant step forward for SOI manufacturing. Within SUSS’s patented single-station bond module, infrared heating of wafers means customers can now control their clean and dry parameters very specifically, which guarantees repeatable wafer bonding results.

The standard ELAN SOI system includes two single station bond modules, a high-resolution IR inspection module, a central Material Handling Unit (MHU) with a robust wafer handling robot and precise pre-aligner, and two FOUP loadports – all within the smallest cleanroom footprint in the industry.

For over 10 years, SUSS MicroTec has continued to advance the State-of-the-Art in wafer bonding technology for the MEMS, SOI, 3-D interconnect, and Opto-Electronic markets, setting new standards for development as well as high-volume production. The company’s core competence – engineering and design – is constantly leveraged to develop technology solutions that most effectively support standard bonding processes as well as the most critical, leading-edge applications. SUSS MicroTec’s wafer bonding solution set includes manual, semi-automated, and fully automated cluster systems.

For more information, please contact:
SUSS MicroTec:
Fiona Kemp, Corporate Marketing Manager
Tel: +49 (0)89 32007 395
Email: fiona.kemp@suss.com

To view the entire press release on-line, please visit: http://www.suss.com/about_suss/latest_news/2007/18-07-2007

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