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Interim Report Obducat Jan.- June 2007

Obducat wins further HVM order
Sales for the period were SEK 17.2 (20.4) million, Gross margin stood at 53 % (61 %).
Order for a SindreTM 60 system from world leader Epistar and exclusive distributor agreement signed with Canon Marketing Japan.

Sales/Market (All amounts below in SEK 000 unless otherwise stated)
Reported sales for the period were 17.151 (20.374). Gross margin was influenced by a product mix containing a smaller portion of NIL products (Nano Imprint Lithography).

At the close of the second quarter the backlog had increased to SEK 13.2 (7.0) million. With the order for a SindreTM 60 system in June, an important milestone was reached. The customer is Taiwan based optoelectronic component manufacturer Epistar. Epistar is the worldleading LED (Light Emitting Diode) manufacturer. This means that Obducat has yet another customer using the Obducat NIL technology for high volume manufacturing of components which form an integral part of products in the current consumer electronics market. Obducat has thus cemented its position as the leading NIL player.

During the second quarter Obducat has also received and order for a NIL system intended for research and development purposes. The order was placed by STMicroelectronics, a leading semiconductor manufacturer in Europe having recently created a Joint Venture with Intel and Francisco Partners in non-volatile memory solutions. This takes Obducat a step further into the application area of semiconductors where the demand for NIL technology will be increasing.

The major part of the Company’s assets has been used in the current industrial projects, which are in different stages of the decision-making and buying processes. The customer projects share the common goal of starting industrial mass production of different types of components. Obducat estimates that its strong market and development potential will remain strong. The strategic work on Obducat’s part aimed at creating long-term customer relations has resulted in a number of current activities now entering the next phase. Obducat is involved in development projects together with several players in the focused application areas of optoelectronics, magnetic and optical memory media, displays and high density interconnects (HDI). In several of these projects, comprehensive evaluations with a view to creating a basis for these players’ choice of partner in the ndustrialisation process are carried out.

Obducat has during the period signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Canon Marketing Japan (Canon MJ). Based on this agreement, Canon MJ in a press release on February 9 announced its positive evaluation of the potential for Obducat’s products in Japan, and that Canon MJ will start sales of Obducat’s Sindre™ nanoimprint lithography equipment as from March 1, 2007. Having signed the distribution agreement, Canon MJ is responsible for sales and service of all Obducat’s products on the Japanese market. With a market share of more than 60 per cent in UV lithography in Japan, Canon MJ has a well-established service and support function for Obducat’s products in Japan.

Focus in the Obducat CamScan Ltd. subsidiary is, for the most part, on development and production of electron beam columns for Obducat’s EBRs (Electron Beam Recorders) and SEMs (scanning electron microscopes). In 2006 a new electron beam column was launched, strengthening the product platform for both EBRs and SEMs. Obducat has during the period received two new orders for the new Apollo scanning electron microscope. An order was also received for a SEM product called X500, which is a new system optimised for microscopy at high temperatures. With the X500 system, Obducat has a unique solution and method for analyses at high temperatures. This method may become the standard at the world market and is therefore estimated to have a large potential.

Research and Development
Research and development is a cornerstone of Obducat. It is for that reason that Obducat has chosen to collaborate with strategically selected players to increase its competitiveness, and to enable faster parallel development of the required infrastructure needed for the industrialisation of NIL. It is thus possible for Obducat to achieve cost-efficient development while at the same time minimising risks and reducing development time lead time. Costs for research and development totalled 10.262 (9.564) (excluding depreciation according to plan relating to R&D).

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Lundstrom, CEO, + 46 40 - 36 21 00 or +46 703 - 27 37 38
Henri Bergstrand, Chairman of the Board, + 46 40-36 21 00 or +46 708 - 88 72 45

Obducat AB is an innovative developer and supplier of technologies, products and processes used for the production and replication of advanced micro and nano structures. Obducat's products and services are intended to serve the demands of companies within the information storage, semiconductor, printed circuit board, and sensor industries. Obducat's technologies include electron beam and nano imprint technology. Obducat has offices in Sweden and the UK, with the headquarters located in Malmo, Sweden. The Obducat shares are publicly traded on the Swedish NGM stock exchange.
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