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In the Fast Lane on the Data Highway: 10 Years for u²t

u2t celebrates its 10th anniversary

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On April 11, 2008 u²t celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Berlin "Meilenwerk". More than 100 guests: customers, suppliers, business partners and EPIC attended the reception together with the u²t employees.

Dr. Tilman Fischer, the Chairman of the board and major investor in the company welcomed all guests. In his key note CEO Andreas Umbach appreciated the faithful and continuous support of the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, of its customers, suppliers, and all the employees.


Dr. Tilman Fischer, Chairman of the Board


Dr. Andreas Umbach, Founder & CEO of u2t

Ten years ago "u²t Innovative Optoelectronic Components GmbH", today known as "u²t Photonics AG", was founded as a spin-off from the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. In 1998 the three founders: Andreas Umbach, Günter Unterbörsch and Dirk Trommer agreed to found their own company. They recognized the potential commercial value of the ultrafast photodetectors they had developed for 40 Gbit/s fibre optic systems and decided to bring these devices to market.

During his speech, Dr. Umbach emphasized the commitment and loyalty of the u2t staff over these 10 years and warmly thanked them. Today u²t Photonics AG employs 70 people. 30 jobs were created in Berlin alone during the past year, and new positions will be created in the next months.

sales Demand for fiber optic components has grown strongly over the last year driven by the worldwide increase of internet traffic. The annual revenue of u²t Photonics AG increased by a factor of 2.5 as compared to 2006. 85% of sales come from export into leading world markets: 62% revenue results from deliveries to North America, and about 15% from growth markets in Asia. With more than 75% world wide market share, u²t is market leader for 40 Gbit/s photoreceivers in the latest generation of optical fiber communication systems.

att Dr. James King, Executive Director of AT&T labs, represented a major user of high-bandwidth communications systems, travelled from New Jersey to Berlin in order to report on the applications of 40 and 100 Gbit/s technologies. The high growth rates are not going to end any time soon, and due to the ongoing 100% annual increase of bandwidth demand in the Internet there will be a demand for even more efficient systems and higher bit-rate components. Focussed research and development efforts are required to meet this demand. u²t is staying ahead of the curve through extensive development of 100 Gbit/s components for fiber optic communication systems. First prototypes have already been shipped to customers.

Dr. James King, Executive Director of AT&T labs

hjgProf. Dr. Hans-Joachim Grallert, Director of the Fraunhofer-Institute für Nachrichtentechnik (Heinrich-Hertz-Institut), another EPIC member, demonstrated in an impressive presentation that future television technologies such as 3D-TV, virtual reality shopping and super high definition broadcasts of football games with arbitrary viewpoint and stadium atmosphere in the living room will drive the future usage of networking bandwidth.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Grallert Director of HHI

As a long-term partner, the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut was well represented at this event. It is worth noting that in addition to Prof. Grallert, current Director of the HHI, two former Directors, Prof. Bach and Prof. Hesse were present.

BMBF The congratulatory address of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), an important partner for u²t for funding innovation efforts, was presented by Dr. Volkmar Dietz. In his talk he underlined the BMBF focus on supporting small and medium enterprises.

Dr Volkmar Dietz, representing the BMBF

H.Wolf The Berlin Mayor and Senator for Economics, Technology and Women's Issues, Harald Wolf, congratulated the company to its success after enduring some hard times. He stated that u²t would be an example for the "Hidden Champions", who will help create more jobs in Berlin production industries through technical leadership.
Mr. Wolf underlined that Optoelectronics is one of the five key areas for industry development for the future.

Mr. Harald Wolf, Mayor of Berlin


Customers, suppliers, partners and u2t employees at the 10th anniversary celebration

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:

A. Umbach, umbach@u2t.de Tel. +49 30-726113-550
J. Fiedler, fiedler@u2t.de Tel. +49 30-726113-530

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