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Invest in Photonics - International Partnering Convention

1st ever international partnering convention dedicated to business development of Photonics held in Bordeaux on 11-12 December 2008.

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2 EPIC Members among the selected companies

After receiving more than 40 company candidatures from all around Europe and North America, motivated by raising from 1 ME to 100 ME, the Technical
Committee selected 18 of them for a presentation the 11 and 12 December 2008. Among them two EPIC Members: VIGO Systems, Warsaw, Poland and VI Systems, Berlin, Germany.

Pictures of the event are visible in the Members' restricted area.

They evaluated their business plan regarding 3 relevant criteria consistency - the company market size, the level of product innovation, the growth potential - and selected the most fundable companies :

- Industrial decontamination systems with pulsated light for conditioning and production processes of alimentary, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical products

- Contact less electrical testing machines for detecting any type of electrical circuit defects

- New diagnostic tools for real-time crop monitoring and management dedicated to sustainable and precision agriculture

- Liquid Lenses for high quality picture and video for mobile devices

- Top level security products for high speed networks using hardware encryption and quantum cryptography for the telecom, the financial and the defence sector

- Advanced illumination and imaging systems for health care A dvanced and life science technology markets

- Ultra high speed opto-electronics devices for short distance data transmission networks used in telecom and datacom, wireless, computing and consumer markets

- Highly integrated microdisplays enabling the market of video goggles for mobile HDTV and professional applications

- Innovative projection optics technologies and components for slim rear projection TV

- Optic biopsy using OCT for early cancer detection, gastro enterology, dermatology and cosmetic

- New DNA-based high sensitive multiplexed assays and versatile high throughput real-time multiplexed platforms for both Life Science and Diagnostics markets

- Hyperspectral imaging and Bragg grating spectroscopic instruments for noninvasive biomedical spectral imaging, new tools for solar cell manufacturers and oil extraction

- Uncooled IR sensors for applications in space industry, defence, industry as well as R&D

- Short pulse lasers for scientifi c, industrial and medical applications

- Street lighting LEDs integrating automatic light management

- Stylish and ergonomic informative eyewear and head up display

- New semi-conductor materials for solar photovoltaïcs

- Innovative opto-electronical products for non-contact cutting processing of native tissue, cells and materials, and for laser surgery applications

Audrey HANTIU: +33 (0)5 56 79 44 86

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