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EPIC Photovoltaic Report

EPIC publishes a market report on Photovoltaic Energy Generation

EPIC has edited a new market report on Photovoltaic Energy Generation taking into account the effect of the current credit squeeze on photovoltaic development.

The worldwide sales of photovoltaic panels reached $US 17.2 billion in 2007 and the photovoltaic market grew by more than 60% on a year-to-year basis. A similar rate of growth is expected for 2008. What will happen beyond 2008 by the current chaos in world financial markets?
The report is covering following items:
• Global energy consumption
• Energy resources that minimize carbon dioxide emission
• Photovoltaic markets including PV Production, Thin-Film PV, Emerging technologies, PV large installations, market development 2009-2011, possible market scenarios 2009-2011
• Conclusions including the effect of the crisis in capital and credit markets or the role of new technologies like thin-films, new materials, new structures.

EPIC has edited and distributerd this report as exclusive service to its membership.

For more information please contact:
Thomas P. Pearsall
General Secretary
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