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Opticsvalley celebrates its 10th anniversary

On December 3, 2009 Opticsvalley organized a celebration for its 10th anniversary.


On December 3, 2009 EPIC member Opticsvalley, the optics, electronics and software network for the Ile-de-France area, organized a celebration for its 10th anniversary. More than 300 stakeholders involved in innovation gathered at the Orange Labs’ Jardins de l’Innovation in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris to attend this event.

After the welcome address by Opticsvalley President, Philippe Brégi, the program included two highlights:

• The prize « Innovation Fibre 2009 »
• The prize Jean Jerphagnon 2009

The prize “Innovation Fibre 2009” recognises the best innovation in Research and the best innovation in Industry. Nine nominees chosen among Opticsvalley members had 2 minutes to convince the audience of the excellence of their project. The award winner in the category for industry was Florent Deux of Polytec, and Marion Franc of PULSE / LOA / IOGS in the category for research.

Florent Deux presented the UHF-120, an Ultra High Frequency laser vibrometre for medical imaging, the first laser vibrometre available on the market.
Marion Franc presented a laser machining station for nanotechnologies. PULSE is aiming to breach the barriers in nanotechnologies.


Florent Deux , Polytec, Marion Franc , PULSE / LOA/ IOGS, with Philippe Brégi, President of Opticsvalley © Opticsvalley 2009 - All rights reserved

The second highlight was the medals ceremony of the prize Jean Jerphagnon. This prize aims to promote both technological innovation and dissemination of optics and photonics in all sorts of applications’ areas. This award also pays tribute to Jean Jerphagnon whose career was dedicated to optics and photonics. He was the founding president of Opticsvalley.
The prize funded with 10000 euros was awarded to Philippe Bouyer, 40 years old, of the Charles Fabry laboratory at the Graduate School of the Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau, near Paris for his project called: “MINIATOM, compact inertial atomic sensors”.

The award winner stated, "Thanks to laser experiments on atoms, we are now able to realise atomic interferometers where light plays the role of mirrors and atoms the role of waves. Since atomic waves spread much slower than light, these interferometers enable the realization of inertial sensors which in turn enable the detection of tiny variations of movement or forces applied on a device. There are many potential applications, from precision navigation to detection of buried natural resources, but these systems are still laboratory experiments with complex design and complex mechanism. Using an original approach, based in particular on advanced technologies in integrated optics, the MINIATOM project offers a solution to develop future miniature inertial atomic sensors”.


From left to right: J.L. Beylat, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, E. Desurvire Thales Research & Technology, D. Vernay, System@tic-Paris-Region cluster, nominee X. Levecq, Imagine Eyes, P. Bouyer, winner LCFIO, P. Senellart, nominee, LPN and F. Druon, nominee, LCFIO © Opticsvalley 2009 - All rights reserved

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