EPIC members in the News

  • Next-generation optical fibre now available to purchase[ 22/10/2014 ]
    To mark its 25 year anniversary, the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton, UK, is making its next-generation fibre available for purchase.

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  • Solar Cell Contacts From Tubes[ 16/10/2014 ]
    Innovative Fine Line Metallization Technology Promises Higher Efficiency Values

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  • Dow Corning releases new 150mm SiC wafers[ 04/10/2014 ]
    Dow Corning Expands Prime Grade Portfolio Setting New Industry Standard for 150mm SiC Wafer Crystal Quality

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  • EPIC launches Venture and Finance Workgroup[ 04/10/2014 ]
    New workgroup dedicated to the promotion of venture and finance activities among the association's members.

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  • ALPhANOV winner of the Innovation Awards of the Enova Paris show[ 30/09/2014 ]
    ALPhANOV awarded in Green/Environment category for new composite scouring laser process

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Technology and Market Reports

A library of all EPIC reports published since 2003 is available on the EPIC extranet To receive your username/password please contact Martine Keim-Paray.

The library includes reports covering the following main areas, please contact EPIC for specific information, we are happy to assist you get the information that you require:

  • Technology Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits Packaging. June 2014, 's-Hertogenbosch (22 presentations)
  • Technology Workshop on Optical Interconnect in Data Centers, March 2014, Berlin (29 presentations)
  • Technology Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits. December 2013, Rüschlikon (26 presentations)
  • Symposium on Energy Consumption of the Internet. September 2012, Amsterdam
  • Symposium on World-Wide Developments in Internet Technologies. September 2011, Geneva
  • Workshop on Packaging and tests challenges for industrialization of silicon photonics - Laser World of Photonics. May 2011, Munich
  • Symposium on FTTH Technologies: Components, Systems, and Smart Design. February 2010, Lisbon

  • Lasers market review and forecast. January 2014 (220 pages)
  • Laser for Applications and Systems in Defense & Security. January 2014, Paris (12 presentations)
  • LIFT Workshop. July 2011, Lannion
  • LIFT / ALPINE Workshop on Lasers in Photovoltaics. September 2011, Bordeaux
  • OPTECH Consulting Fiber Laser Report 2009

Aerospace, Security, and Defense
  • High Resolution Imaging. June 2014, Rome (9 presentations)
  • Laser for Applications and Systems in Defense & Security. January 2014, Paris (12 presentations)
  • CB&E detection, Advanced ISR, Counter measures against IR seekers, Augmented reality soldier systems. Glasgow, October 2013 (21 presentations)
  • Sensors for Sensing for Energy, Environment and Security. April 2012
  • Sensors for Dual Optical Technologies for Aeronautic, Space, Defence & Security Applications. November 2011

  • EPIC Technology Forum Lighting. November 2013, Munich (6 presentations)
  • LED Fab Database 2013 in MS Excel format, published by YOLE, not available commercially
  • LED Manufacturing Technologies Report 2012 published by YOLE presents a detailed analysis of front-end LED manufacturing processes, equipment and design trends (372 slides - retail price 5990 EUR)
  • Status of the LED industry: Market Analysis, Industry Status, Players and Main Applications for LEDs published by YOLE 2012 (353 slides - retail price 5990 EUR)
  • LED Industry Manufacturing Technologies Report published by EPIC and YOLE in December 2010
  • Photonics Manufacturing
  • Manufacture of Photonics Components: A European Perspective published by HARLIN February 2012
  • Workshop on Manufacturing Processes for Photonic Devices. October 2011, Berlin

  • Nanophotonics - essential ingredient for efficient and cost-effective solar cells. September 2013, Paris (4 presentations)
  • Nanophotonics Foresight Report. June 2011

  • EPIC Report on Photovoltaics / PV Market Overview. August 2012
  • EPIC Report on Photovoltaics / PV Market Overview. June 2011

  • Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins. July 2014, Rotterdam (21 presentations)
  • Unmet Health Care Needs as opportunities for Photonics Technologies. November 2013, Maastricht (25 presentations)
  • Biophotonics Market Technologies and Market Analysis, Life Sciences & Healthcare Applications are Driving Biophotonics Market Growth. Published by YOLE and TEMATYS April 2013 (199 slides - retail price 5990 EUR)
  • Workshop on Biophotonics. October 2012, Paris
  • Workshop on Biophotonics Business / Opportunities and Challenges for European Companies. October 2008, Paris

Photonics Platform
  • Key Enabling Technologies Report. June 2011 and July 2013

International Missions
  • EPIC visit to Lithuania. September 2013
  • EPIC Mission to the Gulf States. September 2009

Global Market Data
  • Photonics market data from USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe. December 2013 (14 presentations)
  • Photonics market data from USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe. September 2012

EPIC Members Event Reports
Initiated by the founder of EPIC Dr. Thomas Pearsall in 2003, the "EPIC Members Event Reports" are prepared by members of EPIC to the benefit of the wider community. If you did not have a chance to attend the event but would like to know some key highlight, these reports are for you. Emphasis is placed on exploring technical and business opportunities for the members of EPIC. Free download access to all from EPIC Members Event Reports