EPIC Photonics Tech Watch

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Tuesday 11 October 2016

10:00-11:30 Photonics for Lifescience
“A bio-compatible 3D-printed transparent conductive oxide as an interface between microelectronics, photonics and biology towards a lab-on-chip to grow and differentiate stem cells in neurons” by Giacomo Benvenuti, CTO, 3D-Oxides (France)
“Enhancement of Chemical Imaging Microscopy using Mid-InfraRed Super-Resolution LANIR Scheme”Aladin Mani, Fellow Researcher, University of Limerick (Ireland)
“Smart Clothing: From Technology to Application” by Herman Schoo Senior Research Fellow, TNO (Netherlands)
“Photonics biosensors for advanced Point-of-Care diagnostics” by Ana Belén González, Staff Researcher, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Spain)
“New optical fiber interferometry applications in Life Science and other fields” by Niek Rijnveld, CEO, Optics11 (The Netherlands)
“Template-Assisted Selective Epitaxy for Monolithic Integration of III-V Optoelectronics on Si” by Stephan Wirths, Marie Curie Research Fellow, IBM (Switzerland)

11:30-13:00 Photonics for Security
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Photonics in the field of ID-Documents/Security” by Dr. Olga Kulikovska, Senior Principal – OptischeSicherheitstechnologien, Bundesdruckerei (Germany)
“3D-printing of multifunctional oxides thin films for anti-counterfeiting, cyber-security and cryptography applications” by Giacomo Benvenuti, CTO, 3D-Oxides (France)
“Scintillator Engineering for Improved Performance” by Frans Kniest, Sales Manager Crystals Europe at Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (The Netherlands)
“Complex laser marking of polymers for advanced security features of EID cards ” by Federico Caccavale, Chief Scientist, SABIC (The Netherlands)

13:30-15:00 Photonics for Defence
13:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Quantum Cascade Lasers – A fresh breeze for IR technology” by Dr. Hans Tholl, Head of Optics & Laser Techniques Research & Development, Diehl BGT Defence (Germany)
“Photonic Processing of Wideband High Linearity Microwave Signals” by Antonello Vannucci, CTO, Linkra (Italy)
“A Direct Conversion RF Scanning Receiver based on Photonics” by Marco Bartocci, R&D System Engineer, Elettronica (Italy)
“Overview of Present/Future Needs of Microwave Photonics” by StéphaneFormont, Head of Technologies Department, Thales Systèmes Aéroportés (France)
“Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) for Photonics applications” by Yannick Le Tiec, Business Developer, CEA-Leti (France)

15:30-17:00 Photonics for Space
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Challenges in Optronic and Photonic Technologies for Aerospace Applications” by Dr. Nikolaus P. Schmitt, Senior Expert Optronic Systems, Airbus Group Innovations (Germany)
“Diode laser systems for metrology in space” by Markus Krutzik, Team Lead Quantum Sensors and Technology, Humboldt-University (Germany)
“A versatile technology platform for micro-integration of diode-laser based, space compatible modules” by Ahmad Ibrahim Bawamia, Laser Metrology, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (Germany)
“Challenges and opportunities in two-dimensional wide band gap semiconductors for deep UV photonics and space” by Kevin Kahn,Research Associate Functional Nitrides Group, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
“Fiber-optic transceivers for multi-gigabit interconnects in space systems” by Mikko Karppinen, Senior Scientist – Photonics Integration, VTT (Finland)

Wednesday 12 October 2016

07:45 EPIC Executive Breakfast
07:45 Breakfast and Networking
08:30 Keynote Speaker: Stephen Anderson, Director Industry Development, SPIE (USA)
09:00 Exhibition Opens
Restricted to CEO/CTO/President/Managing Director of Photonics manufacturing companies. Separate registration required on this page

09:30-11:00 Photonics for Medical
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Illuminating the patient journey – The use of photonics from diagnosis to treatment” by Jon Lind, Group Leader, Physics & Sensors, Global Medical Technology Division, Cambridge Consultants (United Kingdom)
“Hermetic Glass bonding Technology for micro-optics and medical implant manufacturing” by Ville Hevonkorpi, Managing Director, Primoceler (Finland)
“Integration of CMOS Plasmonics and Nano-photonics towards Real-time Multi-channel Biosensors” by Nikos Pleros, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
“Photonic Integration for OCT and DNA-sequencing” by Douwe Geuzebroek, Marketing & Sales Manager, LioniX International (Netherlands)
“Photonic-based lab-on-a-chip systems for medical” by Jaime García-Rupérez, Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)
“Adaptive Optics for Medical Applications: Ophtalmology and beyond” Oriane Mollet, Projects Coordinator, Optitec (France)
“High-performance CMOS image sensors with the potentiality of medical applications” by Satoshi Aoyama, CEO, Brookman Technology (Japan)

11:30-13:00 Photonics for Food
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Photonics for process and quality control in the food industry” by Alejandro Rosales, Science and Technology Manager, IRIS (Innovació i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible) (Spain)
“Know what you eat! The Use of Spectroscopy to Combat Food Fraud and Food Safety” by Athanasios Kokorakis, Ocean Optics (Germany)
“Optical spectroscopy for food applications: the photonic tasting” by Anna Grazia Mignani, Senior Scientist, Institute of Applied Physics CNR (Italy)

13:30-15:00 Photonics for Medical
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “How to make a photonics-based medical device – from idea to functional prototype” by Jürgen Helfmann, Senior Project Manager Spectroscopy and Medical Technology, Research Director Biomedical Optics, Laser- und Medizin-Technologie (Germany)
“Requirements to fiber optic connectivity for medical OCT-applications” by Matthias Hedrich, Head of Technical Department, DIAMOND (Germany)
“New perspective on developing high-power visible lasers” by Mircea Guina, Professor, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Tampere University of Technology (Finland)
“Electro-Optical Circuit Boards for highly integrated Sensors” by Tobias Lamprecht, CTO, vario optics (Switzerland)
“Optical fiber sensor Platform for medical, biomedical and clinical applications” by Antonello Cutolo, President, TOP-IN Consortium (Italy)
“Innovative solutions for light management and imaging for medical applications” by Christian Bosshard
Vice-President Center Muttenz, CSEM (Switzerland)
“Fiber Photonics Solutions for Advanced Medical Applications” Viacheslav Artyushenko, President, art photonics (Germany)

Thursday 13 October 2016

09:30-11:00 IP Workshop
Dr. Robert Harrison, Patent Attorney, 24IP Law Group (Germany)
Lars Zimmermann, Team Leader Si Photonics, IHP (Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics) (Germany)
Ernesto Barrera, CEO, PhotonTransfer (Spain)
Martin Hohla, Senior Advisor, Consus Partner (Germany)

11:30-14:00 Photonics for Manufacturing
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Title to be announced
“Flexible short pulse lasers and applications” by Maik Frede, CEO, neoLASE (Germany)
“Quality Assurance using Embedded Spectroscopy” by Peter Huber, Product Manager and Co-Founder, tec5 (Germany)
“Optical in-situ metrology during manufacturing of semiconductor lasers and other photonic devices” by Kolja Haberland, CTO, LayTec (Germany)
“Simulation and Modelling for Optical Metrology” by Sven Burger, Director Research, JCMwave (Germany)
“Natural Photonics: Living light for enabling future optical technologies on chip scale” Pramod Kumar, Laser Physics Research staff, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork (UCC) (Ireland)
“Ion implantation in silicon for autonomous testing of photonic circuits” by Milan Milosevic, Research Fellow, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
“Automated testing and assembly for high volume production of photonic devices”, Ignazio Piacentini, Head of Business Development, ficonTEC (Germany)
“Using LIDAR to Master Complex Traffic Scenarios”  Michael Kiehn, Head of Sensor Development, Ibeo Automotive Systems (Germany)
“4K HDR Lenses for Autonomous Driving” by Ian Wallhead, Staff Scientist, Navitar/Hyperion Development (USA)
“Fast Protoyping methods of micro-fluidic devices” by René Sanders, Laser Technologist, Philips Innovation Services (The Netherlands)
“On-line dimensional characterisation of optical fibres during drawing process” by Maksim Shpak, Research Scientist, VTT MIKES Metrology (Finland)

14:00-15:30 Photonics for Telecom/Datacom
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: “Photonics – Basis of the Internet” by Michael Eiselt, Director Advanced Technology, ADVA Optical Networking (Germany)
“Vertical Cavity lasers for ultra-high speed data communication” by Nikolay Ledentsov, CEO, VI Systems (Germany)
“Photonics as KET for 5G and beyond” by Jesús Palací, CTO, luzwavelabs (Spain)
“Space Division Multiplexing: A future of Optical Telecommunication” by M. Mahmood Ali, Research Fellow, University of Limerick (Ireland)
“Silicon microspheres and meandering waveguides for photonic integration” by Ali Serpenguzel, Professor,Koç University (Turkey)
“Challenges for Photonic-Electronic IC design” by Martin Fiers, Founder, Luceda (Belgium)


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