Day of Photonics

On 21 October 1983, the General Conference of Weights And Measures adopted the value of


km/s for the speed of light

At the occasion of the anniversary, activities are organized around the world, and encompass all kinds of demonstrations and discussions on the impact of photonics on our
day-to-day life. Find our more on the website of DAY OF PHOTONICS on www.day-of-photonics.org

What happens on DAY OF PHOTONICS?

  • Student chapters will reach out to schools
  • Flagship events will be accessible to the general public
  • Individual companies, or collectively, will organize visits to their company, invite other companies in the neighborhood, and discuss the role of their technology/products/services in photonics
  • Companies will organize family days and invite children to discover the working environment of mummy and daddy
  • Organizations will meet to discuss their contribution and participation to the International Year of Light in 2015
  • Hedonists will use the excuse to just have fun and organize a staff drink reception!