Toward Entrepreneurship – Establishing A Successful Technology Business

EPIC has received from Milton Chang free copies of his book and will ship them to the people who submit a real story related to Entrepreneurship in Photonics. Please send your proposals directly to carlos.lee@epic-assoc.com

Carlos Lee had the honour of meeting Milton Chang who was CEO and President of Newport Corporation and New Focus, both of which he took public. As an angel investor, he served on the boards of 11 companies that either went public or were acquired. His book “Toward Entrepreneurship – Establishing A Successful Technology Business” is based on his personal experience. It covers all facets of starting and managing a company from finding an idea, raising money, and running, growing and selling the business. It promises to save you many sleepless nights! You can buy a copy online for $25-$45 at http://www.miltonchang.com

EPIC partners to offer free Photonics books from CRC Press and Woodhead Publishing

Topics: optics, imaging, sensing, thin-film photovoltaic, lasers, optical switches, cameras, LED lighting… The publishers of these books are interested in your opinion. EPIC is looking for 1 volunteer for each book, you commit to read the book within 3 months and write 10-20 lines with your opinion. Selected reviewers will receive the book, including delivery, for free. To see the books available, download the Excel file

  • Computer design of diffractive optics
  • Fundamentals of femtosecond optics
  • Handbook of laser welding technologies, Edited by S Katayama / published July 2013, ISBN: 978 0 85709 264 9
  • Handbook of organic materials for optical and (opto)electronic devices: Properties and applications, Edited by O Ostroverkhova/ published July 2013, ISBN: 978 0 85709 265 6
  • Handbook of Silicon Photonics
  • Handbook of terahertz technology for imaging, sensing and communications
  • In situ characterization of thin film growth
  • Laser cooling of solids
  • Laser growth and processing of photonic devices
  • Laser-Based Measurements for Time and Frequency Domain Applications
  • Optical biomimetics: Materials and applications
  • Optical Modeling & Simulation of Thin-Film PV Devices
  • Optical switches: Materials and design
  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs): Materials, devices and applications, Edited by A Buckley / published August 2013, ISBN: 978 0 85709 425 4
  • Quantum optics with semiconductor nanostructures
  • Sareen / X-Ray Sensors and Applications / K15300
  • Semiconductor lasers: Fundamentals and applications
  • Smart Mini-Cameras (pub date: Oct 2013)
  • Understanding LED Illumination (pub date: Aug 2013)