Chilas New Product Launch

07 September 2021

16:00 – 17:00 CEST

7 Sept. Chilas New Product Launch banner

About the Company

Chilas develops and supplies high-end semiconductor external cavity tuneable lasers with ultra-narrow ‎linewidth. The lasers can be continuously tuned over the C-band covering a wavelength range larger than ‎‎100 nm ‎and have a linewidth of < 5 KHz. Chilas lasers have a unique combination of characteristics ‎including ultra-narrow linewidth, broad and continuous wavelength tuning range, high output power and ‎low noise. The laser is temperature stabilized and comes in a 14-pins butterfly package. Chilas lasers can be ‎used in a number of applications such telecom and advanced optical sensing including fibre sensors and ‎LiDAR. ‎‎www.chilasbv.com

About the Launch

Recording available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mk0blxFI60

Presentation: HERE

Chilas lasers harvests the best of both InP and SiN worlds. The external cavity laser (ECL) is constructed by hybrid integration of both InP gainsection and SiN wavelength selective feedback PIC. The InP gainsection provides the high optical output power over a wide wavelength range, whereas the SiN PIC provides a low loss configurable feedback to the gainsection.

This combination results in a robust and compact laser module providing an unique set of laser characteristics:

  • Ultra narrow linewidths (< 5kHz) due to the High Q of the cavity.
  • Agile wavelength selection (> 100 nm) over the C-band, thanks to the configurable microring based vernier filter in the SiN PIC.
  • High output power (>30 mW, 100 mW under development) provided by the InP gainsection.


These characteristics make the Chilas laser your workhorse for a large variety of applications.

  • The ultra-narrow linewidth and compact, robust character of Chilas laser will allow you to increase the sensitivity of your metrology application in harsh environments.
  • The high optical power, ultranarrow linewidth (< 5 kHz), low RIN (<-155 dB/Hz) and low phase noise of our laser will warp your transceiver into the future, meeting novel standards for small channel spacing and enables advanced modulation methods (PAM, PSK,QAM, ..).
  • Beam your Lidar up to space, and bring our laser to the race.
  • Boost the resolution and accuracy of your Optical Fibre Sensor.
  • Enhanced the reach of your Coherence Tomography (OCT) application to microscopic levels by exploiting the full 100 nm bandwidth of Chilas’ lasers.

Chilas mission is to provide top-rated lasers for high-end customers. If you have demanding requirements ‎on a laser for your product, Chilas laser can be the solution you are looking for. You are cordially invited to join Chilas product ‎launch on7  September, 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 CEST.


Adrien Billat, Business and Product Developer Teem Photonics
Ahmed Osman, Silicon Photonics Designer at Leo Space Photonics
Alain Villeneuve, President at Consultants Optav
Alexander Dräbenstedt, Development Engineer, Polytec
Amir Abdallah, Scientist at HBKU
Andrey Vooshin, Postdoc at EPFL
Anton Stroganov, Technical Project Manager at LIGENTEC
Arkady Shipulin, Associated Director at Skoltech
Christos Tsokos, Researcher at ICCS
Congli Dong, Business Developer at Tuspark
David Heard, Vice President Sales at Santec
Doug Farmer, Senior Editor at EuroPhotonics
Edgar Fernandes, Applications & Sales Engineer at Menhir Photonics
Flávio Silva, Product Marketing at Idea Electronic Systems
Francisco Soares, Founder at Soares Photonics
Francois Lelarge, CTO at Almae-Technologies
Giovanni Farias, PIC Design Engineer at VLC photonics
Guido Giuliani, CEO / CTO at Julight
Hakimeh Mohammadhosseini, Technical Lead at Antwerp Space
Hossein Movla, Researcher at University of Tabriz
İbrahim Ölçer, CEO at INSIGMA Engineering
Jangsun Kim, CEO at Panoptics
Jin-Long Peng, Principal Researcher at ITRI
Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Offcer, PHIX
Joe Delfino, Founder at SalesCycle
John Jost, CEO at MicroR
John Thomson, Technical Leader at Cisco
Johnny Chu, Product Engineer at Gas Sensing Solutions
Jonas Flueckiger, Vice President of Engineering at SiDx
Jörn Epping, Senior Project Manager at QuiX Quantum
Kevin Yao, MTS Senior at AMAT
Laura Thomson, Editor at AZO Sensors
Leo Lin, BU Director at EXFO
Mark Andrews, Technical Editor at PIC Magazine
Maria Benetou, Research Physicist at Mbh-Qet
Marko van Dalfsen, Project Manager at Demcon Focal
Michel Leblanc, Research Manager at EXFO
Nicolas Bonod, The Right Street at Photoniques
Nienke Nijenhuis, Design Engineer at Phix
Norman Wu, Director, Molex
Oliver Dreissigacker, Editor in Chief at Wiley
Petar Basic, Vice President of Technology at WIRES & BYTES
Peter Kung, President at QPS Photronics
Ronald Drenten, Project Manager R&D at Heraeus Electro-Nite
Ron Sherwood, Senior Account Manager at Novus Media Today Group
Selwan Ibrahim, R&D Manager at Optics11
Stefan Richter, Staff Scientist at Carl Zeiss
Stefano Prandoni, Sales Director at Bandwidth10
Sylwester Latkowski, Scientific Director at Photonic Integration Technology Center
Tobias Harter, Researcher at ZEISS
Tom Horner, Science Communication Professional at LioniX
Toni Cigic, Chief of Fiber Optic Department at HT Mostar
Uliana Salgaeva, Research Assistant at Perm State University
Valerie Lyttle, Marketing Executive at Yelo
Venkatramani Ramaswamy, Market Segment Manager at GF
Victor Calzadilla, Researcher at Technical University of Eindhoven
Wesley Huang, Senior Manager at Molex
Xiao Luo, Photonics Engineer at SITRI


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