Database & Map

European Photonics Industry Database

The database and map lists companies active in the field of photonics in Europe, a headquarter or regional office, manufacturer or extensive user of photonic components, or provider of service to the European photonics ecosystem. Companies manufacturer of equipment/material, software/engineering & consultancy, reseller/distributor, academia & research organizations, clusters, and other actors in the photonics ecosystem. To submit updates please contact info@epic-assoc.com

An excel spreadsheet listing over 5000 entries of photonic companies in Europe. EPIC members who require assistance on using Excel to exploit the full potential of the database, please contact carlos.lee@epic-assoc.com

Link to directory with description of expertise of EPIC members

EPIC members encompass the entire value chain from LED lighting, PV solar energy, Silicon photonics, Optical components, Lasers, Sensors, Displays, Projectors, Optic https://www.epic-assoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/epic-directory-consortium-members-products-and-competences-main-document.pdffiber, and other photonic related technologies. To receive a membership information package please contact carlos.lee@epic-assoc.com

Includes data related to market and company sizes, employment and growth prospects.