EPIC AGM Annual General Meeting 2021

15 April 2021

15:00 – 17:00 CEST + Online Networking



Every year all EPIC members come together to network and learn about the developments of the association, and contribute their ideas to the future strategy of the organization. This year we will meet online and the original event planned to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania has been postponed tentatively to 07-08 April 2022. During the event EPIC’s president, Benno Oderkerk, will welcome the participants followed by reviewing activities of 2020 (EPIC Activity Report 2020). After the approval of the accounts and presenting current actions as well as future plans, two new board members will be introduced to the association. Technology and Market talks will be presented by VIGO Systems and TRUMPF Components, and some companies will present their needs with regards to raising capital.


15:00 CEST Timezone – WELCOME

  • Welcome by Benno Oderkerk, President, EPIC
  • Changes to Board of Directors

15:10 CEST Timezone – EPIC UPDATE

  • Financials Presentation and Approval
  • Past accomplishment and highlights
  • Short and medium-term new plans and ideas
  • Presentation of EPIC member #700
  • Download PDF


  • Maksym Plakhotnyuk, CEO and Founder, ATLANT 3D Nanosystems


  • Presentation by Adam Piotrowski, CEO of VIGO Systems – Download PDF
  • Presentation by Berthold Schmidt, CEO, TRUMPF Photonic Components – Download PDF


17:00 CEST Timezone – ONLINE NETWORKING important part of the meeting, efficient and fun!


Adam Piotrowski, CEO at VIGO System
Alan Faichney, CEO at UniKLasers
Albert Hasper, CEO at PHIX
Alessio Corazza, Business Development Manager at SAES Getters
Alexander Igelmann, CEO at LIDROTEC
Alexander Kanitz, CINO at LIDROTEC
Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings
Alexey Feofanov, CTO at Miraex
Alexey Gayoso de los Santos, CEO at Maiman Electronics
Alexey Zarenbin, CEO at FORC-Photonics
Alison McLeod, Senior Programme Manager at Technology Scotland
Alka Swanson, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Kelvin Nanotechnology
Anastasia Bombrys, COO at UniKLasers
Andre Fougeres, Vice-President at INO
Andre Miodezky, Vice President Alliances at VoxelsenSors
Andre Richter, General Manager at VPIphotonics
Andrea Melloni, Professor at Politecnico di Milano
Andreas Börner, CEO at Laser 2000
Andreas Lemonis, CIO at Biomimetic Surfaces
Andreas Popp, Director Product Engineering at TRUMPF Photonic Components
Andreas Steffan, Senoir R&D Manager at Finisar Germany
Andres Cifuentes, CEO at ASE Optics Europe
Andrew Blain, Managing Director at Photonic Solutions
Andris Anspoks, Deputy Director at Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia
Anke Mank, Manager International Affairs at OptoNet
Armin Renneisen, Vice President and General Manager at Coherent
Arne Leinse, CEO at LioniX International
Arturo Baldasano, CEO at New Infrared Technologies
Assaf Levy-Beeri, CTO at Joya Team
Barry Peet, General Manager at CITC
Beate Sauter, Vice President Sales/Marketing at Lumics
Becky Bosco, Executive Director at LightCounting
Benedikt Stender, CEO at Multiphoton Optics
Benno Oderkerk, CEO at Betada Investments
Berthold Schmidt, Managing Director at TRUMPF Photonic Components
Bill Bottoms, Chairman at 3MTS
Bríd Connolly, Strategic Applications Manager at Toppan Photomasks
Carles Oriach, CTO at Monocrom
Carlos Domínguez, Professor at Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona
Carlos Miguel, Optical Sensing Material & Processes Lead at Airbus
Carlos Viana, CEO at ICON Photonics
Christian Bosshard, Vice President at CSEM
Christian Neumeyr, CEO at Vertilas
Christian Poulsen, CTO at NKT Photonics
Christian Schröter, Sales Director at Optoprim
Christoph Sieber, Managing Director at Sill Optics
Christoph Westerburg, Director at Deutsche Bank
Christopher Durell, Director of Business Development at Labsphere
Claude Florin, CEO at Fastree3D
Claudio Meli, CEO / CFO at WZW Optic
Clemens Schütte, Director Marketing and Communications at EV Group
Clément Javerzac-Galy, CEO at Miraex
Corinne Pasquier, Photonics Technical Manager at MINALOGIC
Daan Kersten, CEO at PhotonFirst
Dainius Tumosa, CEO at EKSMA Optics
Dalma Novak, Vice President of Engineering at Octane Wireless
Damien Deubel, Managing Director at Kerdry
Dan Negrea, Senior Vice President at AEMtec
Daniel Seiler, CEO at Cycle
Daniela Reuter, CEO at Photonics Hub
Danielle Driver, Publication Manager at Progressive Media International
Dario Cabib, CTO at CI Systems
Dariusz Swierad, Business Development Manager at Fluence
Daugirdas Kuzma, Director, Marketing and Business Development at EKSMA Optics
David Creasey, CEO at Wasatch Photonics
David Geißler, Head of Product Line Development at LASOS
David Mackey, CTO at PakPIC
David Méchin, Director at Photonics Bretagne
David Potter, Director of Marketing at Luna Innovations
David Robinson, CEO at Arden Photonics
David Rogers, Director at Nanovation
Dmitri Permogorov, Director at RedWave Labs
Dominic Gallagher, CEO at Photon Design
Dominik Rabus, CEO at RABUS.TECH
Dominique Collé, Grayscale Lithography Specialist at Heidelberg Instruments
Doug Farmer, Senior Editor at Laurin Publishing
Douglas Aguiar, CEO at PhotonPath
Elina Koistinen, Executive Director at European Optical Society
Elizabeth Rogan, CEO at The Optical Society
Emmanuel Stratakis, CEO at Biomimetic
Erich Schlaffer, Programme Manager at AT&S
Ernesto Ciaramella, Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Ernst Weissbach, Business Development Manager at Focuz Manufacturing
Eva Emilova, Marketing Manager at Monocrom
Fabian Rundel, Microhandling Technology Manager at INNOCISE
Fabrizio Ferranti, Sales Manager at Univet
Fabrizio Preda, CEO at NIREOS
Fabrizio Preda, CEO at NIREOS
Ferechteh Teherani, CEO at Nanovation
Florent Thibault, Vice President at QiOVA
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Frank Lerch, Managing Director at OpTecBB
Frank Levinson, General Partner at Phoenix Venture Partners
Gabriele Jansen, Managing Partner at Vision Ventures
Gediminas Raciukaitis, Head of Department at FTMC – Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Geert De Peuter, CEO at Caeleste
George Ross, Client Relationship Leader at National Research Council Canada
Gerrit Roessler, Head of Optics / Photonics at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
Ghislain Lafrance, President & CEO at TeraXion
Gilles Pauliat, Researcher at European Optical Society
Gordon Harling, CEO at CMC Microsystems
Greg Charache, Vice President of Engineering at Innovative Photonic Solutions
Gregory Fassbender, Business Development Manager at Amphenol Active Optics Products
Guillaume Huss, CEO at LEUKOS
Guillermo Carpintero, Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Guillermo Orellana, Full Professor – Group Leader at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Haik Mardoyan, Senior Research Scientist at Nokia Bell Labs
Harry Heinzelmann, CTO at CSEM
Heike Tritschler, Market Segment Lead at Tektronix
Heinrich Unland, CEO at APOS
Henrik Andersen, CEO at Ibsen Photonics
Henrik Madsen, CEO at SPIO Systems
Holger Berthelsen, CEO at IHB Consulting & Trading eK
Iñigo Artundo, CEO at VLC Photonics
Ireneu Dias, Center Coordinator at INESC TEC
Iwan Davies, Group Technology Director at IQE
Jakub Marchewka, Analyst at Warsaw Equity Group
Jan Heeringa, Global Business Development Manager at DEMCON Focal
Jan Hendrik Peters, Owner at BMBG consult
Jan Meise, CEO at AMS Technologies
Jan Trommershausen, Managing Director at AEMtec
Jannis Köhler, Co-Founder at LIDROTEC
Jason Palidwar, Product Group Manager at Iridian Spectral Technologies
Jean-François Vinchant, President & CEO at SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques
Jerzy Lach, Application Engineer Team Lead at Vigo System
Jessica Rowbury, Editor at Electro Optics magazine
Jimena Garcia-Romeu, CEO at Alcyon Photonics
Jochen Wenk, Senior Sales Director at Excelitas
Joe Delfino, Director at SalesCycle
Johann Lomsek, Business Development at Robooptic Systems
Johannes Koeth, CEO at Nanoplus
Johannes Pfund, CEO at Optocraft
Johannes Wolf, Segment Manager at Schulz-Electronic
John Jost, CEO at MicroR
Jörg Brück, Project Director at Fleet Events
Juergen Zosel, Managing Director at ORAFOL Fresnel Optics
Jukka Hast, Research Manager at VTT
Jyrki Huttunen, CEO at Oplatek

Karl Muth, Senior Principle Systems Architect at Broadcom
Katarzyna Lawniczuk, Vice President at BRIGHT Photonics
Kees Eijkel, Director for Business Development at QuTech
Kenneth Ferree, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Focuslight Technologies
Kestutis Jasiunas, CEO at Ekspla
Kevin Füchsel, CEO at Quantum Optics Jena
Kevin Jones, Marketing Director at HaphiT
Klaus Zimmermann, General Manager at Sony
Kolja Haberland, CTO at LayTec
Konrad Roessler, CEO at Heidelberg Instruments
Kristian Rode, CCO at SHUTE Sensing Solutions
Krzysztof Malowany, CEO at KSM Vision
Ksenija Varga, Key Account Manager at FujiFilm Electronic Materials
Lars Jensen, Head of Optical Components Department at Laser Zentrum Hannover
Lars Penning, CEO at Next Scan Technology
Lars Zimmermann, Head Si Photonics at IHP
Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen, Head of Department at DTU Fotonik
Lauren Percy, Marketing Manager at UniKLasers
Luc Augustin, CTO at SMART Photonics
Lucas Redlarski, General Manager at Mitutoyo Research Center
Luis Acevedo, CTO/ Founder at OMIR Instruments
Maik Mueller, CEO at Nynomic
Marc Beusenberg, Director of R&D at IMS
Marc Canales, CEO at Sensofar
Marcel Poulain, President at Le Verre Fluoré
Marcin Malesa, CTO at KSM Vision
Marcin Nowacki, Global Sales Manager at VIGO system
Marek Kotelnicki, Managing Partner at VIGO Ventures
Marie Begoña Lebrun, CEO at PHASICS
Marino Barberio, Regional Sales Manager at Wentworth Laboratories
Marius Semeta, CEO at 3photon
Mark Andrews, Technical Editor, PIC Magazine at Angel Business Communications
Mark Gortemaker, Sales and Business Development Manager at Bruco Integrated Circuits
Mark Kenny, Managing Director at Rydon Technology
Mark Pecen, Senior Advisor at Quantum Valley Ideas Lab
Markus Kogl-Hollacher, Head of R&D Projects Department at Precitec
Markus Riedi, CEO at Opto
Martin Benzing, Managing Director at II-VI
Martin Schell, Executive Director at Fraunhofer HHI
Martin Uddén, Managing Director at Coherent
Martin Weigert, Vice President at Avago Technologies
Martynas Barkauskas, CEO at Light Conversion
Mat Josquin, Manager at Mikrocentrum
Mathieu Semenou, Sales Manager at Femto Easy
Matt Beebe, VP of Sales at Photonics Media
Maurizio Migliore, COO at Touchless Automation
Michael Hornung, Managing Director at AMO
Michael Kneier, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Toptica eagleyard
Michael Peil, SEVP at CrayoNano
Michael Stellmacher, Business Development Director at Surrey NanoSystems
Michela Svaluto Moreolo, Senior Researcher, Director of Quality Programs at Centre Tecnològic de Telecommunications de Catalunya (CTTC)
Milan Mashanovitch, CEO at Freedom Photonics
Mirvais Yousefi, CEO at LuxC
Mukesh Patel, R&D Manager at Motherson Innovations
Nick Werstiuk, CEO at Quantum Valley Ideas Lab
Nikolajus Gavrilinas, CEO at UAB Integrali Skaiduline Optika
Nikolay Ledentsov Jr., Senior Engineer / Project Manager at VI Systems
Nirmal Parikh, Vice President, Marketing at Dynasil
Nolan Chan, Key Account Manager at PHASICS
Oliver Dreissigacker, Editor-in-Chief at Wiley-VCH
Oliver Faehnle, Execom member at OST University of Applied Sciences
Oliver Prochnow, CEO at VALO Innovations
Oliver Pust, Director of Sales at HOYA Corporation
Paola Zuppella, PhD at CNR-IFN
Paolo Sanna, Managing Director at Convergent Photonics
Patrice Houmault, CEO at FIZEAU
Patrick Lundström, CEO at Obducat
Paul Andrews, Vice President at Endeavor Business Media
Paul Hartmann, Director at JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Paul Ryckaert, CEO at Xenics
Peter Fuhrman, Managing Director at Ofilm
Petr Tuma, CEO at FIT Eurazio
Petteri Uusimaa, CTO at Modulight
Philippe Antoine, CTO-Research at Lambda-X
Philippe Bolle, CIO at Skylane Optics
Philippe Ley, CEO at Riber
Pierre Baladi, Head of International Relations at Institut d’Optique
Pierre Warffemius, CEO at Avantes
Poul Svensgaard, CEO at Delta Optical Thin FIlm
Pranciškus Dobrovolskis, CEO at Altechna
Rainer Michalzik, Professor at Ulm University
Ralf Bergmann, Director at BIAS
Ralf G.J. Knoll, CEO at INOPTEC
Ralf Terbrueggen, Director Technology at Corning
Ravi Sundaram, Head of Strategic R&D Markets at Oxford Instruments
Rebecca Janzon, Global Corporate Communications Director at Palomar Technologies
Remigijus Šliupas, CEO at OPTOMAN
Rick Mannello, CEO at Boston Electronics
Robert Giertz, CTO at AEMtec
Robert Harrison, Managing Partner at Sonnenberg Harrison Partnerschaft
Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Manager at New Infrared Technologies
Ron Van der Kolk, Director at PhotonicsNL
Ronny Timmreck, CEO at SENORICS
Ronny Timmreck, CEO at Senorics
Ross Stanley, Director at Optiross
Roy McBride, Managing Director at PowerPhotonic
Ruth Houbertz, Managing Director & Owner at ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting
Ruth Mackey, Chief Science Officer at Mbryonics
Ruurd Boomsma, CTO at Besi
Salah OUDJERTLI, Director, Senior Research Scientist at Research Center In Industrial Technologies
Salvador Sales, Professor at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Samuel Bucourt, CEO at Imagine Optic
Santiago Royo, Business Development at Beamagine
Silvia Carrasco, KTT Director at ICFO
Soma Sankaran, Vice President Sales & Marketing at DenseLight Semiconductors
Sönke Steenhusen, Head of System Development at Fraunhofer ISC
Sören Meyer, Sales Manager at Ferrotec Europe
Stefan Kaierle, Executive Director at Laser Zentrum Hannover
Stefan Weber, CEO at Phaseform
Stefano Prandoni, Sales Director at Bandwidth10
Stefano Regusci, MD DR at Uroradconcept
Stephan Prinz, Product Manager at DELO Industrial Adhesives
Steve Norris, Publication Manager at Medical Device Developments
Sven Kiontke, CEO at asphericon
Svitlana Moskalyuk, CEO at Dynamic Optics
Tadas Kildusis, CEO at Direct Machining Control
Tadas Lipinskas, CEO at Optogama
Tahsin Akalin, Professor at ULille
Theodor Nielsen, CEO at NIL Technology
Thierry Berthou, Sales Manager at SILIOS Technologies
Thomas Knieling, Research Manager, Business Development at Fraunhofer ISIT
Thomas Laurent, General Manager & Head of Sales at M Squared Lasers
Thomas Renner, CSO at TOPTICA
Thomas Strzeletz, Expert Innovation at Jenoptik
Thomas Südmeyer, Professor, Director of the Physics Department at University of Neuchâtel
Thomas von Wantoch, Managing Director at OQmented
Thor Ansbæk, CEO at OCTLIGHT
Tobias Müller, CTO at AIXEMTEC
Tom Harvey, Healthcare Photonics Lead at Centre for Process Innovation
Tom Houlden, Advertising Manager at IOP Publishing
Ton Pothoven, CEO at IMS
Toshi Motonaga, Marketing Manager at Dai Nippon Printing
Twan Korthorst, Director at Synopsys
Udo Fetzer, Key Account Manager at OFS
Umberto Emanuele, Business Development and Product Manager at ASML
Urban Konradsson Botes, CEO at Optonyx
Ursula Tober, Senior Economist & Technology Consultant at VDI Technologiezentrum
Uwe Vogel, Division Director at Fraunhofer FEP
Viacheslav Artyushenko, President & CEO at art photonics
Vicente Calvo, CEO at Comptek Solutions
Wilfried Noell, R&D Director at SUSS MicroOptics
Wojtek Smolinski, Managing Partner at VIGO Ventures
Yeeloy Lam, CTO at DenseLight Semiconductors


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