EPIC Events

EPIC meetings are limited in size and mainly on-invitation to ensure a relevant audience of experts and leaders who can efficiently network and discuss. If you would like to participate, please do not hesitate to request more information by sending an email to info@epic-assoc.com.

4-5 September 2019

EPIC TechWatch in CIOE

Shenzhen, China

5 September 2019

EPIC VIP Reception at CIOE

Shenzhen, China

12-13 September 2019
18 September 2019

EPIC Opening Technology Session at W3+ Fair/Convention Rheintal

Dornbirn, Austria

23 September 2019


Dublin, Ireland

Registration open

10-11 October 2019
18 October 2019

EPIC Networking Lunch + Distributor Introductions at Laser World of Photonics

Mumbai, India

22-25 October 2019

EPIC Delegation to Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

19 November 2019

EPIC TechWatch on Medical Lasers at MEDICA

Dusseldorf, Germany

11-12 December 2019
30 January, 2020

EPIC Roundtable on Quantum Optronics at OPTRO

Paris, France

18 March 2020

EPIC VIP Networking Reception at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Shanghai, China

15-17 April 2020

EPIC Annual General Meeting 2020

Vilnius, Lithuania

21 April 2020

EPIC TechWatch on Polymer Optics at Polymer Optics Days 2020

Aachen, Germany

7-8 May 2020

EPIC Meeting on Nanophotonics for Communication, Sensing and Data Processing at Nanoscribe

Karlsruhe, Germany

21-22 May 2020

EPIC Executive Laser Meeting at Convergent Photonics

Torino, Italy

4-5 June 2020

EPIC Meeting on Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging at NORCE

Bergen, Norway

29-30 October 2020

EPIC Meeting on Automation for Manufacturing (Packaging and Testing) at PI

Karlsruhe, Germany

5-6 November 2020

EPIC Meeting on Micro-Optics for display, imaging, sensing and metrology at IMT

Greifensee, Switzerland

Graeme Robb
Manager at Spectrogon

It was really a learning experience for me about the type of presentations and the format of the meeting. I made a couple of concrete contacts and definitely increased my overview of the market. The good news is that I have sent in an application for Spectrogon to join EPIC! I look forward to participating further in EPIC events in future.

Sébastien Lenoir
Sales Director South Europe at G&H

In addition to the interesting presentations, I had several good conversations with some attendees which should open the doors to a fruitful cooperation. We are looking ahead to the new events organized by EPIC, it is definitely beneficial for G&H and more people on our side will attend.