EPIC Meeting on Hyperspectral Imaging at VISION

11 November 2020

Stuttgart, Germany

Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging systems combine the advantages of both spectroscopy and imaging. They have a strong and broad potential in all applications which require a real-time response. These include material processing in different industry sectors, when the procedure has to be compared to a certain standard, such as in full automated assembly lines, or in additive manufacturing in the supervision of the whole process. Furthermore, this technology can be useful in monitoring and/or sorting of woodworking, plastic, textile waste, steel and food processing, pharmaceutical industry and in some medical applications. Generally, these devices offer the flexibility in wavelength range (0.3 – 14 μm) and an effective combination with AI algorithms, able to give smart and low-costs solutions also for security and surveillance, environmental and atmospheric monitoring, medical imaging, ecc.. also from remote.

The objective of the EPIC Meeting on Hyperspectral Imaging at VISION is showing the newest examples and the present challenges in the technology of sensors, optics, and filters and in system integration and to support new business opportunities also including potential end-users, presenting their needs to the supply chain.




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