EPIC meeting on Laser-based Surface Structuring at LASYS

16 June 2020

Stuttgart, Germany

Hosted at Lasys

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EPIC Meeting on Laser Based Surface Structuring at Lasys focuses on connecting the supply chain for the system integration and discussing with end-users on new applications for this innovative material processing technology. The ever-evolving precise nature of photonics enables micro- and nanoscopic surface structuring on everyday materials. In turn, this enables new macroscopic features of materials such as hydrophobicity, friction-reduction, anti-bacterial qualities, anti-finger-print functionality and other unique possibilities. The laser source, the beam delivery system and their integration as well as the substrate material of application are all vital parts of the surface structuring process, and these will be discussed at this meeting.


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Meeting venue: Landesmesse Stuttgart. Address: Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart


Early bird ticket price for EPIC members and invited companies: 250 EUR (excluding VAT); non-members: 450 EUR (excluding VAT) available until 1 April 2020. By filling in the registration form below you agree your email to be used to keep you updated about the event. EPIC will also share the participants list with the other participants or interested parties. Attendance is limited to 1 person per company, decision maker. Participation is confirmed only when received a confirmation email from the EPIC staff. Please also be informed that during the meeting we will be taking pictures and doing video recordings, where you might appear.

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EPIC Events Manager Helena Jelinkova – email: helena.jelinkova@epic-assoc.com; mobile: +420 606526252.