EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Human-centric Lighting and Applications

31 May 2021

15:00 – 17:00 CEST


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The effects of light on humans is carefully considered in lighting design and manufacturing. This meeting will cover the key requirements for human-centric lighting and its applications in various fields such as automotive lighting, dynamic daylight support for building and workplace illumination, and medicine.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 

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These online technology meetings take place in Zoom with a limited group of people. If you would like to attend the meeting, please register below. There are limited seats and we allow only one person per company, but all our online technology meetings can be viewed LIVE on YouTube or be viewed afterwards if you have missed it. Here is the link to this meeting to view it on our YouTube channel EPICPhotonics


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Sana Amairi-Pyka, Project Leader for Optical Technologies at EPIC


Kenneth Martin is Light Source Specialist within the ZUMTOBEL Group since the year 2006. With his expertise in spectral LED characterizations and his experience in the field of optics, his focus is now on the quality of light and its spectrum.

Kenneth Martin
Light Source Specialist at ZUMTOBEL
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More information about Dieter can be found HERE.

Dieter Lang
R&D Expert Human Centric Lighting at LEDVANCE
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More information about Paolo can be found HERE.

Paolo Di Trapani
CEO and Founder at CoeLux

Wouter Soer directs illumination LED development programs at Lumileds, focusing on spectral engineering and adaptive lighting systems. He has more than 15 years of experience in the lighting and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Wouter Soer
Director of Illumination Product Development at Lumileds
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Mathias has experience in multiple roles like Development Engineer for Lighting and Process Technology,  Research Associate & Project Manager at the TUB. Since 2018 he is the Head of Research Lighting Technology at HELLA.

Mathias Niedling
Head of Research at HELLA
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Development engineer for interior lighting and Ph.D. student working on Human Centric Lighting at Audi.

Arvid Niemeyer
Technical Development at AUDI

He has 14 years of experience in the lighting industry. Henk worked for various leading companies such as Highlite international and SLV Germany. He focuses on Luminaires development, production, and sourcing.

Henk Schaap
Senior Product Manager at Lumission
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Achim Leder, Co-Founder at Jetlite
Alessio Corazza, Business Development Manager at SAES Getters
Alexander Neustadt, Lighting Lead Engineer at Nolden Cars&Concepts
Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings
Ana Sánchez-Cano, Assistant Professor at University of Zaragoza
Andreas Freitag, Key Account Manager at AEMtec
Anil Valia, Lighting Designer Educator & Consultant at Lighting Systems Consultant
Arno Grabher-Meyer, Technology Scout/ Electronics Engineer at V-Research
Arti Anand, Senior Research Analyst at IHS Markit
Christian Stickl, CEO at TBD
Christoph Bosshard, Sales and Marketing Manager at Kimoto
Daniel Giampà, Business Development Manager / Electrical Engineer at Diamond
Dario Maccheroni, Global Lighting Application Manager at Zumtobel
Derek Cassidy, Principal Optical Engineer at BT
Dirk de Man, Business Development Manager at Topic Embedded Systems
Eusebio Bernabeu, Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Florian Schropp, Sales Manager at Gigahertz Optik
Francesco Antolini, Senior Researcher at ENEA
Francois Mirand, Technical Director at Future
François De Buyl, TS&D Scientist at Dow Performance Silicones
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Franz Peter Wenzl, Scientist at JOANNEUM Research
Giacomo Zadro, Consultant for Lighting Manufacturers at
Gökhan burak Dumlu, Optical Engineer at EAE Lighting
Harald Pier, CEO at Cenogent
Heinz Seyringer, CEO at V-Research
Henk Schaap, Senior Product Manager at Lumission
Hossein Movla, Researcher at University of Tabriz
Jan Denneman, President at Good Light Group
Javier Iglesias, CEO at KUMUX
Kimmo Keränen, Senior Scientist at VTT
Kimmo Solehmainen, Sales Director at Oplatek
Kornelius Reutter, Project Manager at Regent
Lennart Brunnberg, CEO at Derema
Les Kacev, Principal at LEDmetric
Liao Zhang, General Manager at Yuji
Marc Juarez, Technical Director and Marketing Manager at Seoul Semiconductor
Mark McClear, COO at BIOS Lighting
Marko Miletic, Sales Director at EOI
Markus Bartram, CEO at PicoLAS
Martyn Davies, UK Business Development Manager at Palomar Technologies
Mirtha Valenzuela, Business Development Manager at Elmos Semiconductor
Mohammed Ibn Elhaj, Managing Partner at Highvistec
Muhammad Zaidi bin Mohtar, Lead Lighting Engineer at VINFAST
Oscar Fernandez, Project Manager at CSEM
Puneet Singh, Product Manager at LEDVANCE
Ralph Bertram, CEO at Bertram Technologieberatung
René Brun, Engineer at amu
Robert Yeo, Owner/Director at Pro-Lite Technology
Rossella Marino, Designer at Iguzzini
Ross Stanley, Director at Optiross
Ruby Yan, Business Line Manager at Globalfoundries
Ruth Houbertz, Managing Director & Owner at ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting
Sandip Kshirsagar, Proprietor at ABC Engineering
Santiago José Cartamil Bueno, Managing Director at SCALE Nanotech
Siegfried Luger, CEO at Luger Research
Stephan Hellmann, Head of Marketing at Xingyu Automotive
Suleyman Turgut, Chief Revenue Officer at Luminit
Suzanne Stefany, Partner at Pjt partners
Tamas Katona, Director,  Lighting Designer at Berton Lighting
Tiiu Tamm, Lecturer, Lighting Consultant at Tiiu Tamm Inseneribüroo
Tom Jory, Vice President at Luminus Devices
Vicente Scopacasa, Director at Kelving Lab
Wilfried Noell, Director R&D at SUSS MicroOptics
Wim Hertog, Photonic Systems Architect at OSRAM
Yann Tissot, CEO at L.E.S.S.


To participate, you need to have access to a computer (preferred) or phone, with video/microphone/sound, you can test your setup on Zoom. By registering, you agree that we can use your data to inform you about the details of this event. EPIC will also share the participants list with the other participants or interested parties. Participation is confirmed only when received a confirmation email from the EPIC staff.
Note: We allow only 1 person per company to participate in the Zoom room. Everyone is of course welcome to join us via YouTube. All attendees in Zoom are expected to participate in the full length of the meeting. By registering you acknowledge our GDPR Statement.


EPIC Events Manager, Sharara Qasemova, email: sharara.qasemova@epic-assoc.com, mobile / WhatsApp: +420775465552