EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Laser Ablation and Laser Cleaning

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20 September 2021

15:00 – 17:00 CEST

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Laser ablation and cleaning is a technology serving different applications, such as welding pre- and post-treatments, coating removal, decontamination, restoration and surface preparation to maximize paint adhesion, which faces challenges when throughput has to be high and the surface to be treated are large.We will discuss with the full supply chain of laser manufacturers, optics suppliers, robotics systems, system integrators and a few end-users how it is possible to collaborate for the advancement of the technology.

Technology Explainer

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 

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Dave MacLellan has over 30 years’ experience in the technology and marketing of industrial lasers. Dave is the Executive Director of the association of industrial laser users (AILU). Seven years ago, Dave set up Anode Marketing, to provide marketing services for the laser industry.

Ralph Delmdahl (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) has been working at Coherent for 20+ years in product and marketing management. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Braunschweig University of Techn., an MSc in economics from Hagen university and was a researcher at the University of Nijmegen, NL.

Ralph Delmdahl 
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Coherent LaserSystems


Dr. Thomas Lukasczyk is head of the group of laser technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) in Bremen, Germany. The team is focusing on applied laser surface treatment in the context of wavelength depending material interaction.

Thomas Lukasczyk
Head of Laser Technology Group at Fraunhofer IFAM


Tobias Weichert (M.Eng.) and his team is responsible for technical consulting of automated laser cleaning solutions at Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH. He has been working for cleanLASER for 8 years and studied Product Development in Mechanical Engineering at University of Applied Sciences Aachen.

Tobias Weichert
Team Leader Sales – Automation Systems at cleanLASER


Benjamin is head of R&D at LaVa-X. With his efforts, the laser beam welding in vacuum was successfully implemented into the e-mobility and sensor industry. Further developments will introduce the process for example into the production of foundation structures for offshore wind parks

Benjamin Gerhards
Product Manager Local Vacuum at


Jan studied physics at RWTH Aachen and finished his PHD at Forschungszentrum Jülich in the institute of photovoltaics at RWTH Aachen. Since 2018 he is working at 4JET Technologies in the field of laser process development.

Jan Flohre
Product Manager at 4JET


Kevin Harrison- Owner of Project Laser, a mobile laser cleaning company, specializing in the safe removal of coatings and contamination in the resources sector.

Some other slides presented:


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Francesca Moglia, Project Leader for Laser Technology at EPIC


Abel Gil-Villalba, Head of R&D at DM Surfaces
Abhishek Singh, Vice President-Sales, Coherent
Adam Ayeb, R&D Engineer at Imagine Optic
Aled Ellis, Managing Director at Needham Laser
Alessandro Greborio, CEO at Lithium lasers
Amiel Lopes, Laser Applications Engineer, Posalux
Andreas Wollscheidt, Sales Manager at Amplitude
Andrew Beers, President at ABM Consulting
Ankit Singhal, Vice President Sales, Laser Science Services
Antonín Malecký, Marketing Manager at Narran
Anthony Yang, MDM at Coherent
Antti Salminen, Professor at University of TurkuAurimas Vrubliauskas, Project Manager at Workshop of Photonics
Ben Threlfall, General Manager at PLC
Bernhard Dauner, Sales at RAYLASE
Carlo Mantegazza, Area Sales Manager at Evlaser
Charles Dumas, International Sales Director at Gentec-EO
Chris Randon, Head of Business Development at OpTek
Daniel Ryan, Manager at ALCAT
Daniele Zanato, Sales Manager at LASER POINT
David Horain, Sales Director at Alphanov
Dietmar Scharf, CEO at Ramteid
Dimiter Georgiev, R&D at IPG Laser
Dimitris Karnakis, Technical Manager Oxford Lasers
Dirk de Man, Sales Manager at Topic Embedded Systems
Egidijus Vanagas, CEO at Evana Technologies
Emmanuel Flaam, Managing Partner at Netalux
Erik Heller, Project Engineer Sales at SLCR Lasertechnik
Ethan Fontaine, Program Manager at Materion Balzers Optics
Eugen Bärwald, Area Sales Manager at MPS
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Jeff Nicholson, Senior Engineering Manager at OFS
Francisco Antao, Optical Designer at Leica
Frank Reil, Researcher at Joanneum Research
Giancarlo Calcagno, Architetto Conservatore Laser, Studio Calcagno Altech
German de la Fuente, Professor of Research at INMA
Gheorghe Iordache, Director, Nanofabrication Core Lab at KAUST
Hencharl Strauss, Research Group Leader at CSIR
Hugo Debette, Technical Sales Engineer at OPTOPRIM
Hyder Malik, Design Engineer at HYDER ENGINEERING
Isabel Thome, Industry Management at TRUMPF
Jan Heeringa, Global Business Development at Demcon Focal
Jangsun Kim, CEO at Panoptics
Javier Jimeno, Market Development Manager at Coherent
Jens Meyer, Business Development Europe at Casix
Joe Lin, General Manager at Coherent
Jörg Jetter, CEO at 4JET
Karen Goldberg, Product & Marketing at Holo/Or
Karsten Wiessner, Sales & Business Development Manager at Glen Dimplex
Keno Lammers, Process Development Engineer at LaserJob
Kevin Yao, MTS Senior at AMAT
Konstantinas Zakalskis, Business Development Manager at OPTOMAN
Kurt Tiefenthaler, CEO at Artificial Sensing Instruments
Lalit Kumar, Managing Director at Laser Science Services
Lars Penning, CEO at Next Scan Technology
Laurent Lamaignere, Engineer at CEA
Leonardo Orazi, Professor at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Louis-Rafaël Robichaud, CEO at Femtum

Maciej Nowakowski, Operations Director at Polish Technological Platform on Photonics
Manoj Rathod, VP Sales at Coherent
Marc-Antoine Potagnik, Sales Manager
at OptoSigma
Marius Lammers, Head of Macines and Control Group at Laser Zentrum Hannover
Marc-Olivier Flaissier, Operations Director at FIBERCRYST
Marwan Abdou Ahmed, Head of Department at Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge
Matthias Koppitz, Product and Project Manager at Qioptiq/Excelitas
Michele Lapelosa, Entrepreneur at Nitty-gritty
Mike Poulter, Product Management at TRUMPF
Narendran Ramaiah, Director at United Spectrum Instruments
Nico Baumbach, Product Manager at Jenoptik
Oliver Sohr, Scientist at SCHOTT
Onno van Apeldoorn, Business Development at SFC
Paul Blair, Head of Technology at PowerPhotonic
Paul Oldorf, Project Engineer at SLV M-V
Philipp Kurze, Sales and Appliactions Engineer at SLCR Lasertechnik
Pinaki Dasgupta, Business Development Manager (Technical) at Laser Science Services
Richard Koba, Product Manager at Materion
Roelene Botha, Division Manager at RhySearch
Roland Mayerhofer, Product Marketing Manager at Coherent
Roi Rouco, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Indigo
Sabrina Matthias, Product Manager at asphericon
Sabrina Vogt, Industry Management at TRUMPF Laser
Salah Oudjertli, Doctor, Senior Research Scientist at Research Center in Industrial Technologies (CRTI)
Saravanan Gopalakrishnan, Manager at Mahindra Electric Mobility
Sarunas Vaskelis, Head of Sales at Direct Machining Control
Sergej Retich, System Specialist at Clean Lasersysteme
Sven Kern, Regional Sales Manager at Ophir
Thiago Pereira, Researcher at SENAI Innovation Institute for Manufacturing Systems and Laser Processing
Tom Longstaff, Engineer at TL laser Clean
Tyler Parker, Product Manager at Lumentum
Udo Fetzer, Key Account Manager at OFS
Vince Moutrille, Operations Manager at Circuit Dijon-Prenois
Vincent Issier, Product Line Management Director at Lumentum
Vitor Chacon Anelli, Application Engineer at IPG Photonics Brazil
Weiyi Gu, Senior Manager at Focuslight
Wilfried Noell, Director R&D at SUSS MicroOptics
William Caplan, Managing Director at Aircraft Protection Technologies
Xinbing Liu, Director at Panasonic

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