EPIC Online Technology Meeting on LIDAR 2.1 Applications for 2021

15 March 2021

15:00 – 17:00 CET


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Where is the future of LiDAR? Such an extraordinary technology serving different industry fields can see progress in overstepping its own boundaries and in combination with other complementary systems. Demanding end-users will tell in which direction to steer the progress to their supply chain of laser manufacturers, detector and imaging-processing specialists, optics, electronics, scanners and packaging experts for the integration of LiDAR 2.1.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 

Watch us LIVE on YouTube

These online technology meetings take place in Zoom with a limited group of people. If you would like to attend the meeting, please register below. There are limited seats and we allow only one person per company, but all our online technology meetings can be viewed LIVE on YouTube or be viewed afterwards if you have missed it. Here is the link to this meeting to view it on our YouTube channel EPICPhotonics


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Francesca Moglia, Project Leader for Laser Technology at EPIC


Mr. Beuth graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in ETIT in 2016. He joined Valeo in 2016 and filled positions in the field of system and optical engineering. Valeo promoted him to a Valeo Expert for lidar optics in 2019.

Thorsten Beuth
Valeo Expert and Engineer Optomechanics at Valeo
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More information about Robert can be found HERE.

Robert Blum
General Manager, New Business; Silicon Photonics Product Division at Intel
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Davide has proven track of success in product development from conception to industrialization in the semiconductor industry, working in cross-functional teams with international customers.

Davide Canavesi
Business Development Manager at Scantinel
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He provides in-depth know-how along the entire photonic chain. Started his career in Digital Imaging and extended his professional background in optics. He filled several cross-company management positions, e.g. at JENOPTIK.

Simon Schwinger
Senior Manager Business Development at Jabil Optics
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Winfried Reeb studied precision engineering/optoelectronics at the University of Aalen / Germany. He is the head of Business Unit Active Components at Laser Components and responsible for the right components used in different LiDAR technologies.

Winfried Reeb
Head of Business Unit Active Components at LASER COMPONENTS
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Adrien Billat, Sales and Application Manager at Teem Photonics
Ahmad Atieh , VP Optical Systems at Optiwave Systems
Alan Redmond, Business Manager at OPTITEC
Albert Santiago, Area Sales Manager at Leddartech
Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings
Amarpal Khanna, Consultant at APS Consulting
Amin Abbasi, Business Development Manager at imec
Andrea Tonini, Business Development Manager at Diamond
Andreas Bichler, Regional Sales Manager at OptoSigma
Aneta Michałkiewicz-Kecler, Business Development Director at VIGO SYSTEM
Andy Zott, Managing Director at Scantinel Photonics
Antti Peltonen, Business Development Manager at Schott
Asaf David, Lidar Development Technical Manager at Elbit systems
Aura Higuera Rodriguez, Technical Account Manager at Synopsys
Arnaud Rigny, Business Development Director at Cailabs
Bahram Ganjipour, Design Engineer at Volvo Cars
Baptiste Toubhans, Technical Sales Engineer at Phasics
Benedikt Kläs, Chief Commercial Officer at OQmented GmbH
Benjamin Bulla, Managing Director at Son-x
Benjamin Samson, Optics Engineer at Motherson-Innovations
Bernd Neusigl, Senior Business Development Manager at Kasalis
Björn Hessmo, Principal Engineer at Dept. of Applied Physics, KTH at NYFORS
Brian Bowers, Director at Moxtek
Brian Mulroe, Business Development Director at DustPhotonics
Brid Connolly , Strategic Applications Manager at Toppan Photomasks
Bulent Mehmetli, Product Director at Mitsubishi Power
Carol de Vries , Program Manager at Photondelta
Carole Eccles, Business Development Manager at Centre for Photonics Expertise
Charles Goëller, COO at ICON Photonics
Charles Ho , Founder at Photonicity
Christian Merry, Managing Director at LASER COMPONENTS
Christophe Pache, Section Head of Sensing & Control at CSEM
Chris Maloney , Director of Business Development at VPIphotonics
Corinna Zielke, Sales Manager at NOVEL OPTICS
Corrado Sciancalepore, Business Unit Photonics Expert at SOITEC
David Heard, VP Sales at Santec
Davide Lomellini, Area Sales Manager at SUSS MicroOptics
Dawei Fu, Researcher at Max Planck Institute
Dirk De Man , Sales Manager at TOPIC Embedded Systems
Donal Behal, Project Manager at Tyndall National Institute
Doruk Ozulu, Managing Director at EFOSS Corporation
Douglas Harshbarger, DVP & Director at Corning
Dowon Kim, Senior Staff Engineer at Intel
Dror Shayovitz, Research Physicist at Civan Advanced Technologies
Eric Aguilar , CEO at Omnitron Sensors
Errico Armandillo, Senior Space Optics Advisor at Eventech
Eugen Bärwald, Sales Manager at MPS Micro Precision Systems
Flöry Nikolaus, Business Development Manager at Vario-optics
Fotini Karinou, Senior Researcher at Microsoft
Francesco Raffaelli, Integrated Photonics Engineer at KETS Quantum Security
Francis Nedvidek, Proprietor at Future Forward Innovation
Francois Couny, Product Line Manager at EXFO
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Frank Münchow, Application Project Manager at Instrument systems optische Messtechnik
Gaurav Vats, MSCA Fellow at KU Leuven
Geert Appeldoorn , Director Sales & Marketing at SMART Photonics
Georg Draude , GM at Chroma Technology
George Avdikos , Project Manager at Hphos
Gideon Alon, Head of Sensing at SeeTree
Gregory Flinn, Marketing Development at ficonTEC
Guglielmo Cappellari, Business Development Manager at Optics Balzers
Gunnar Boettger, Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer IZM
Gunther Vollrath, CEO at Aifotec
Hao Hu,Senior Researcher at Technical Univeristy of Denmark
Heike Tritschler, Market Segment Lead at Tektronix
Heiko Leppin, System Architect at Continental
Ho Hoai Duc Nguyen, System Architect at AMS
Hock Aun Khoo, Director at GROW Centre
Hongbai Lao, Account Manager at Iridian Spectral Technologies
Hongmou Zhang, Senior BD Manager at Hesai Technology
Hugo Briais, Optical Engineer at TEXYS Group
Hossein Movla, Researcher at University of Tabriz
İbrahim Ölçer, CEO at Insigma Engineering
Igor Filenko, Sales Director at Vlantex Consult
Ireneu Dias, Center Coordinator at INESC Tec
Iwan Davies, Group Technology Director at IQE
James Almond, Senior Physicist at Cambridge Consultants
Jan-Erik Kallhammer, Director Visual Enhancement & Cognitive Systems at Veoneer Sweden
Jason Rouse, Electronics Marketing Manager at Electronics Consultant
Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer at PHIX
Jeroen Hoet, Chief Business Development at Caeleste
Jesus Aivar, Business Development Manager at LIDAX
Joe Callaghan, Senior Technical Planner at Huawei
Joe Delfino, President & Director at SalesCycle
Joerg Neukum, Director Product Marketing at DILAS Diodenlaser
Johann Beelen, Business Development Manager at Brainport Development
Johannes Pfund, CEO at Optocraft
Johann Lomsek, Business Development at Robooptic Systems
John Disano, Technical Business Analyst at Optocraft
Katarzyna Lawniczuk, Vice President at BRIGHT Photonics
Keiji Kawai, Project Manager at Moritex
Kevin Mak, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics
Kimi Ceridon, Optics Consultant at EMF
Kiyoshi Miyashita, Business Development Manager at Asahi Kasei Microdevices
Ksenija Varga, Key Account Manager at FujiFilm Electronic Materials

Leon Baruah, Sales Director at Jade Bird Display
Leslie Lyons, Business Development Mananger at Photometric & Optical Testing
Lewis Waugh, Senior Business Development Manager at Level Five Supplies
Lidia Briquets, Sales and Marketing Manager at ASE Optics
Luis Spinelli, Consultant at Photonics Consulting
Malkit Jhitta, Marketing Director at RoodMicrotec
Malcolm Humphrey, Program Director at PLX
Marc Beusenberg, Director of R&D at IMS
Marc Schillgalies, VP Development at First Sensor
Marco Garcia, R&D Manager at VLC Photonics
Marco Gavagnin , Team Leader at AT&S
Marc-Antoine Potagnik, Sales Area Manager at OptoSigma
Martial Destoc , Europe Sales Manager at IMAGINE OPTIC
Martin Eibelhuber, Deputy Business Development at EV Group
Matthieu Ayfre, Business Developer at AST innovations
Mauro Riva, Business Manager at SAES Group
Michael Geiselmann, Managing Director at Ligentec
Michael Mohammadi, Director of Sales and Technical Services at Thorlabs
Michael Stellmacher, Business Development Director at Surrey NanoSystems
Milan Mashanovitch, CEO at Freedom Photonics
Mirtha Valenzuela, Global Business Development Manager at Elmos Semiconductor
Mirvais Yousefi, CEO at LuxC
Myun-Sik Kim, Product Manager at Axetris
Nicolas Lio Soon Shun, Business Developer at CEA
Nikolaus Metzger, Optical Engineer at PLF
Nimrod Nissim, Optic Engineer at SPO
Nirmal Parikh, VP, Marketing at Dynasil
Nuno Edgar Nunes Fernandes, Engineer at Photonics Precision Technologies
Ofer Nesher, Cheif Electro-Optics Engineer at Elbit systems
Olga Chernavskaia , System Engineer at Qioptiq Photonics
Olivier Francois, Sr. Optical Designer at NIL Technology
Oliver Pust , Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Delta Optical Thin Film
Paul Petrich, Sales at asphericon
Pascual Muñoz, Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València
Patrick Bowen, Senior Research Scientist at NKT Photonics
Patrick Heissler , Product Manager at DELO
Peter Popp, R&D manager at Valeo
Philippe Perez, Marketing & Development at Jolt Capital
Pierre Jenouvrier, CTO at LYNRED
Pierrick Boulay, Market & Technology Analyst at Yole Développement
Prabha Sana, Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer IMWS
Ralph Mende, Director SCM at Envisics
Ramana Pamidighantam, Research & Development Director at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology
Rainer Wohlgenannt, Team Leader at Hexagon Technology Center
Raphael Bingert, Strategic Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics
Remi Wielandts, CTO at Wielandts UPMT
Richard Shannon, Senior Research Analyst at Craig-Hallum Capital Group
Richard Varjabedian, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager at Delta Electronics
Rick Van de Zedde, Senior Researcher at Wageningen University & Research
Robert Yeo, Director at Pro-Lite Technology
Romain Baudoin , Application Engineer at Huawei
Sanneke Brinkers, Project Manager at Demcon Focal
Santiago Jose Cartamil Bueno, Managing Director at SCALE Nanotech
Santiago Royo, Business Development at Beamagine
Sarah Cwalina, Research Associate at Fraunhofer HHI
Scott Hamlin, President at MegaWatt Lasers
Sergio Lizzola, Founder at LK Forensic Competencies
Shiva Rai, Strategic Marketing Manager at Applied Materials
Simone Lavizzari, Product Director at PROPHESEE
Simon Drovs , Product Line Manager at LIMO – A Focuslight Company
Simon Rankel, LED Business Development Manager at MKS-Ophir
Soma Sankaran, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at DenseLight
Stefano Losa, International Sales at Diamond
Stefano Prandoni , Europe Sales Director at Bandwidt10
Stefan Biederer, Project Manager Marketing & PR at LASER COMPONENTS
Stefano Aina , Director, Product Management at SMART Photonics
Stephane Gagnon, Engineering Director at Lumibird
Steve Allen, Director of Marketing at OFS
Steven Huang, PM at AOI
Stuart Allan, Technology Director at Artemis Optical
Taras Lisouski, CEO at EssentOptics
Thomas Knieling, Research Manager at Fraunhofer ISIT
Tiger Ninomiya , Senior Technologist at Senko Advanced Components
Tim Schnitzler, Product Manager at Broadcom
Tim Warland, VP Products at 7B Technology
Tomas Nemecek, Optical Designer at Valeo
Torsten Ledig, Sales Manager at AMS
Torsten Vahrenkamp, CEO at ficonTEC
Ufuk Gorkem Kirabali, Engineer at Yildiz Technical University
Valentina Donzella, Associate Professor at WMG
Venkatramani Ramaswamy, Market Segment Manager Automotive at GF Machining Solutions
Victor Calzadilla, Researcher at Technical University of Eindhoven
Wilfried Jahn , CTO & Co-Founder at Silina
Wilfried Noell , Director R&D at SUSS MicroOptics
Yan Cornil, Strategy Consultant at Synopsys
Yannick Paillard, CCO at SCINTIL Photonic
Yoshiaki Shikata, Senior Assistant General Manager at Sumitomo Electric Industries
Yu Taicherng, Director at Foxconn
Yulia Sandamirskaya, Research Scientist at Intel


To participate, you need to have access to a computer (preferred) or phone, with video/microphone/sound, you can test your setup on Zoom. By registering, you agree that we can use your data to inform you about the details of this event. EPIC will also share the participants list with the other participants or interested parties. Participation is confirmed only when received a confirmation email from the EPIC staff.
Note: We allow only 1 person per company to participate in the Zoom room. Everyone is of course welcome to join us via YouTube. All attendees in Zoom are expected to participate in the full length of the meeting. By registering you acknowledge our GDPR Statement.


EPIC Events Manager Sharara Qasemova: sharara.qasemova@epic-assoc.com, mobile: +420 775465552