EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Mini/Micro LED (in cooperation with ISA and PIDA)

25 March 2021

9:00 – 12:00 CET


In cooperation

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Focuslight Technologies (1)


This meeting, the first-ever online meeting with simultaneous translation jointly organized by EPIC, ISA, and PIDA, will discuss Mini/Micro-LED: an emerging technology with the potential to disrupt the traditional LCD and LED lighting markets. But, what is the perspective for its applications? How mature is this technology? Which are the driving factors and the restraints to the growth? And, nevertheless, which are the opportunities and the challenges for the supply chain? This meeting will address these core questions with the main European, Chinese and Taiwanese stakeholders of this market that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 89.3% from 2020 to 2026.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Carlos Lee, Director General at EPIC


09:00 – 09:05 Welcome Address – Qun YAN, Chairman of ISA Micro LED Committee, ISA
09:05 – 09:10 Welcome Address – Carlos Lee, Director General, EPIC
09:10 – 09:25 The large screen display technology and Application of Am on Glass fine pitch Mini LED – Juncheng XIAO, Director Of Technical Development, TCL – Download PDF
09:25 – 09:30 Q/A
09:30 – 09:45 Forming microLEDs using micro-transfer printing – Alexandre Chikhaoui, Business Development Director, X-Celeprint – Download PDF
09:45 – 09:50 – Q/A
09:50 – 09:55 Introduction of Taiwan Mini/Micro LED – Kenneth Tai, Chairmain of PIDA
09:55 – 10:10 MicroLED 2.0 – From display to heterogeneous micro-assembly system – Chia-Hsin Chao, Manager of Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratorie, ITRI – Download PDF
10:10 – 10:15 – Q/A
10:15 – 10:30 MicroLED/MiniLED – Ke WANG, Director of Research Centre, BOE – Download PDF
10:30 – 10:35 – Q/A
10:35 – 10:50 Development of Micro LED Display and Future Opportunities – Falcon Liu, Marketing Director, Play Nitride – Download PDF
10:50 – 10:55 – Q/A
10:55 – 11:10 The opportunity and challenges of Micro LED Display for automotive application – Yuan DING, Director of R&D, Tianma Micro-electronics – Download PDF
11:10 – 11:15 – Q/A
11:15 – 11:30 The latest challenges and possible solutions for Micro LED mass inspection – I-Jan Chen, Chairman/COO, Southport – Download PDF
11:30 – 11:35 – Q/A
11:35 – 11:50 Passivation of compound semiconductors – key enabler for high-efficiency µLED devices – Jouko Lång, CTO, Comptek Solutions – Download PDF
11:50 – 11:55 – Q/A
11:55 – 12:00 Summary – Qun YAN, Chairman of ISA Micro LED Committee, ISA


Abdul Rahim Syazili, Test Development Engineer at Lumileds
Alan Han, Technical Business Development at TPK Touch Solutions
Alex Ooi, Engineer at Reliability Process Engineering
Alexander Karev, Representative at APSS
Aldas Juronis, Head of OEM Lasers Program at EKSPLA
Alexander Loesing, CMO & Co-Founder at ALLOS Semiconductors
Alvin Leong, Staff Engineer at OSRAM
Alvise Fecchio , Process Technologist at Applied Materials
Anastasia Cherkassky, Team Leader at Elbit Systems
Anatoliy Feopentov, Chief Engineer at Innovation firm Akary-Center
Andreas Huber, Sales and Product Manager at Instrument Systems
Andrew Gan, General Manager at Taiyo Ink
Andrew Liang, Business Development at AU Optronics
Andy Ting, CEO at Pure Metallica
Andy Yeh, Product Manager at Cheng Mei Instrument Technology
Angus Shih, Director at CMIt
Arisutan, Engineer at Lumileds
Artur Podhorodecki, CEO at QNA Technology
Arti Anand , Senior Research Analyst at IHS Markit
Aw Li Sa, Planning at Lumileds
Bao Houhua, Manager at Unilumin
Ben Lim, Product Manager at Heraeus
Bob Chen, Manager at CHIA HSIN IDEAL
Boey Hui Yee, Staff Reliabilty Engineer at Lumileds
Bruce Ma, Account Sales Manager at AIXTRON
Bruno Janssens, Business Development at QustomDot
Carrie Wong, Product Marketing Manager at ASM Pacific Technology
Carsten Thomsen , SVP at NKT Photonics
Cath Hossain, Senior Scientist at CPI
Catherine Nam, Sales Specialist at TSLC
Chaiwat Thepveerakul, Engineer at EGAT
Chan Shyi Huey, Planning at Lumileds
Chang Chih Huang, Manager at CSOT
Chang Ting, Display Expert at Hisense
Chang Wei Sea, Senior Lecturer at Monash University
Cheah Khang Choon, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Chee Wei Keung, Senior Test Development Manager at Lumileds
Chen Qi, Senior Manager at Signify
Chew Chun Wei, Manager at Lumileds
Chia Ling Hsieh, Manager at Universal Global Scientific Industrial
Chia-Hsuan Peng, Assistant at Ingentec Corporation
Chia Phui Fang, Lead engineer at Lumileds
Chia-Shan Lin, Marketing Assistant at Southport Corporation
Chien Chee Keong, NPI Product Engineer at Lumileds
Chih-Hao Tsai, Director at Contrel Technology
Chifan Chiang, Business Development Manager at YF precision
Chin Ai Lai, Supplier Quality Manager at Lumileds
Cindy Huang, Manager at Evest
Chiver Wang, Director at GIS
Choo Yih Chyuan, Test Engineering at Lumileds
Chooi Yat Hoong, Procurement at Lumileds
Chris Chen , Senior Researcher at ITRI
Chris Pfistner, CEO at CTI
Chris Scanlan, Senior Vice President of Technology at Besi
Christiane Le Tiec, CTO & Fellow at MKS
Chun Wah Ang, Supplier Engineer at Lumileds
Cliff Jolliffe, Head of Automation at PI
Christina Lim, Manager at Lumileds
Christoph Bosshard, Sales and Marketing Manager at Kimoto
Chuck Alger, Vice President at Kura Technologies
Chunchi Hsu, Senior Project Manager at Coretronic
CY Lee, Research Manager at CSC
Cynthia Ong U May, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Dan Negrea, VP New Technologies at AEMtec
Daniel HaoTIen Lee, Board Director at Bisontech
David Horain, Sales Director at Alienor
Deng Lijun, Lecturer at XI’an University of Technology
Denio Weng, Manager at Formolight
Denis Nikolaev, R&D Manager at MC Clever
Deventharan Rajaram, Supplier Quality Director at Lumileds
Didier Beghuin, CTO at Lambda-X
Dmitriy Anikin, CEO at RuSID
Dominador Jr Lebajo Sison, Manager at Lumileds
Dominique Bonnisseau, Business Development at TEMATYS
Dominique Collé, Customer Application Engineer at Heidelberg Instruments
Edwin Wolterink, CTO at Anteryon
Efimov Dionisiy, CEO at MKO
Egidijus Vanagas , CEO at Evana Technologies
Elaine Shih, Vice President at IBF Securities
Eric Chiou , VP at Trendforce
Eric Hung, Director at CONARY ENTERPRISE
Eric Lin, Director at Univeral Global Scietific Industrial
Eric Mazaleyrat, Director Technology Scouting and Innovation at STMicroelectronics
Evelyn Chou, Project Manager at Corning
Evgeny, Art-product Manager at Optima Fasad
Felix Cheng, Engineer at Cybernet Taiwan
Fotini Karinou, Senior Researcher at Microsoft
Francesco Antolini , Senior Researcher at ENEA Frascati
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Gaetano L’Episcopo, Senior Engineer at STMicroelectronics
Giorgio Cellere, New Business Development at Applied Materials
Giovanni Conti , Application Manager at STMicroelectronics
Goh Chee Leng, Planning at Lumileds
Goh Jia Hao, Staff Engineer at OSRAM
Goh Seo Hoon, Function Head at OSRAM
Goh Siew Yin, Test Development Engineer at Lumileds
Grigoriy Itkinson, General Direktor at Innovation firm Akary-Center
Guillaume Basset, Project Manager at CSEM
Guofeng Huang. Application Engineer at Taiwan auto design company
Hani Kanaan, Microled Business Development at CEA
Hank Chao, PM at Chroma
Haomin Ku, Deputy Director at Unikorn Semiconductor
Harold Ho, Manager at Solvay
He Chuan, Technical Manager at Eastman
Heng Lai Bee, Supplier Quality Engineer at Lumileds
Hossein Movla , Researcher at University of Tabriz
Houten Chen, Senior Technical Staff at EPISTAR
Howard Chao, Senior Engineer at Hannstar Display
Hsin-Hung Lin, Senior Director at RiTdisplay
Hsin-Wen Wang, Senior Deputy Project Manager at Unimicron
Hsiu Han, Reporter at DIGITIMES
Hsu Steven, Sales Manager at AMEX International Technology
Hu Zhimin, Graduate student at National Silicon LED Engineering Technology Research Center
Husain Imam, Business Development at NKT Photonics
Ireneu Dias, Center Coordinator at INESC Tec
Ivan Chou, Special Assistant to CEO at Finesil
Ivan Lee, Senior Manager at LGD
Iwan Davies, Group Technology Director at IQE
Jack Chen, Technical Sales Manager at Enlightments International
Jacky Shih, Sales at SYSNIX
Jaffri Ibrahim, CEO at CREST
Jaime Khor, Assistant Manager at CREST
Jan Brubacher, Marketing Manager at TOPTICA Photonics
James Chen, Director at TPK
Jason Chiu, Project Manager at AFTA Technology
Jason Ng Kok Keong, Procurement at Lumileds
Jason Yager, Senior Applications and Product Manager at Lumibird
Jeff Hughes , Talent Acquisition Specialist (Director) at GT People
Jerry Chiu, Sales at Centrotherm
Jerry Huang, Policy & Public Affairs Director at CI Wind Power Development
Jesie Lim, Product Engineer at Lumileds
John Wing, Chairman at Evest
Johnson Shieh, Researcher at Jasper Display
Jolyn Soo Hoo, CSR at Lumileds
Joseph Chang, Principal at Delta Electronics
Joyce Chung, Director at Evest Corporation
Juha Saily, Line Confocal Specialist at LMI Technologies
Juichi Hayashi , Business Development Manager at Isuzu Glass
Kai Ojala, Research Scientist at VTT
Karl Chou, Manager at MOS Technology
Kelly Lee, Section Manager at Compal
Kevin Kang, General Manager at Nagase
KH Liu, Senior Manager at Lextar
Koay Kim Hong, Product Engineering Manager at Lumileds
Kua Phei Yi, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Laguvaran Gunasegaran, R&D Enginner at Lumileds
Lai Yen Xue, Manager at Lumileds
Lau Seng Huat, Technical Project Lead at Lumileds
Leaf Yeh, Marketing Specialist at Cybernet Systems
Lee Chee Keat, Subcon Quality Engineer at Lumileds
Lee Siew Lean, Planning at Lumileds
Lee Wee Hoong, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Lee Yuen Kit, Planning at Lumileds
Lei Yaru, Student at Xi’an University of Technology
Leo Chang, Senior Manager at HLO
Leon Chen, President at K-JET LASER TEK
Leon Baruah, Sales & Marketing Director at Jade Bird Display
Leong Chong Lik, Test Development Engineer at Lumileds
Leow Hong-Keat, Product Engineering Director at Lumileds
Lev Markov, Senior Staff Scientist at Ioffe institute
Li Jin, 无 at China Illuminating Engineering Society
Li Yang, General Manager at POLYOE
Li Zhe, Student at Beihang University
Liu Wei ting, Manager at Fubon Life
Li-san Chan, Market Segment Manager at Heraeus
Lim Bee Hoon, Product Engineering Manager at Lumileds
Lim Hoay Boon, Planning at Lumileds
Lim Hoo Kooi, Program Director at CREST
Lim Chong Tat, Director at Lumileds
Lim Chung Ming, Director of Prod/Test Engineering at Lumileds
Lim Lik Soon, Manager at Lumileds
Lim Shu Hui, Supplier Quality Engineer at Lumileds
Lim Teng Hun, Staff Reliabilty Engineer at Lumileds
Lim Yee Yee, NPI Product Engineer at Lumileds
Liu Guoxu, CTO at Shineon (Beijijng) Technology
Liu Jie, Engineer at Nanchang University
Liu Zhizhe, Chief Engineer at Huawei
LK Lee, Assistant Marketing Officer at ASM Pacific
Loh Chee Jong, Senior Manager at Lumileds
Loh Ping Wei, Test Development Engineer at Lumileds
Loh Yie Chin, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Loo Chin Chyi, PhD student at Monash University
Loo Sin Ying, Planning at Lumileds
Markku Lammassaari, Sales Director at Comptek Solutions
Mags Chen, CEO at Aerotrans Technology
Marek Kotelnicki, Managing Partner at VIGO Ventures
Marianna Serdyuk, CBDO at RuSID
Martynas Barkauskas, CEO at Light Conversion
Mauro Riva, Electronic Devices Business Manager at SAES Group
Meng Llin Ke, R&D Director at Shenzhen Reddior Vision Technology
Michael Bulk, Product Manager at Qioptiq Photonics
Milton Lai, Engineer at Active Technology
MingRu Chen, Advisor at Unimicron Technology
Moganathass Kupusamy, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Lumileds
Mohammed Ibn-Elhaj, Managing Partner at Highvistec
Mr. Shang, Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric
Mr. Yang, Engineer at Everdisplay
Morgan Lu, Optical Application Engineer at Cybernet Taiwan
Murat Deveci, Technical Account Manager at OptoFidelity
Napat Techawutthikorn, Engineer at EGAT
Ng Choon Yoong, Manager at Lumileds
Naoya Hayashi, Research Fellow at Dai Nippon Printing
Ng Sha Shiong, Associate Professor/Dr. at INOR, USM
Nuno Edgar Nunes Fernandes, Engineer at Photonics Precision Technologies with Faster Capital
Nelson Liu, Technical Marketing Manager Asia at SGL Carbon
Nicholas Lee, Manager at Lumileds
Nicholas Loh, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Noemi Alvarez, Project Manager at SnellOptics
Ofer Nesher, Principle Electo-Optcs Engineer at Elbit systems
Oi Tiat Juen, Planning at Lumileds
Oliver Haupt, Director Strategic Marketing at Coherent
Ong Hooi Bin, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Ong Ming Chong, Test Engineering Manager at Lumileds
Ooi Chin Wei, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Ooi Peng Chin, Planning at Lumileds
Ooi Say Chun, Manager at Lumileds
Parinya Yotkamchornkun, Engineer at EGAT
Parker Chen, Application Development Engineering at Zymergen
Patrick Bowen, Senior Research Scientist at NKT Photonics
Pau Santos, R&D Manager at Quality Photonics Optics
Paul Hartmann, Director at JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Peter Hsieh, Sales Director at Hermes-Epitek
Peter Pan, VP at Coretronic
Pieng Lay Po, Procurement at Lumileds
Priscilla Tan, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Rafiza Ramli, R&D Manager at Lumileds
Reiner Lendle, R&D Engineer at Audi
Richard Stevenson , Editor at Angel Business Communications
Richard Tsai, Senior Manager at Coretronic
Richard Xu, Director at Xunwei Technologies
Robert F Karlicek Jr., Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Roger Wang, Specialist at IBF Securities
Roger Lo, Deputy Director at Unimicron
Rolf Kneerm Manager Business Development at HQ-Dielectrics
Ruby Huang, Deputy Manager at IBF Securities
Ruby Yan, Business Unit Manager at GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Russell Bailey, Product Manager at Pro-Lite
Ruth Houbertz, Managing Director & Owner at ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting
Ryan Tan, Test Solution Engineer at Aemulus
Ryan Wang, Reporter at Business Today
Sakda Boonthongmai, Engineer at EGAT
Sansanee Buachai, Engineer at EGAT
Saraswaty Muthoo, Manager at Lumileds
Sean Yeh, FAE at Epistar
Sebastien Ranc, Applications and Products Manager at Lumibird
Shang Chien Wang, Deputy Director at PIDA
Sheikh Bari’ ‘Ifwat, Supplier Quality Manager at Lumileds
Shen Chongyu, Deputy Director of R&D at Shineon (Beijijng) Technology
Sheng Yuan Sun, Senior Manager at PlayNitride
Shen Jia-Wun, Sales Manager at Chia Sheng Technology
Shih-Hsiung Lin, RD Manager at AUO
Shiva Rai, Strategic Marketing Manager at Applied Materials
Shou Wen Hsue, President at UBLeds
Shu Ming Kuo, Technical Deputy Manager at Innolux
Simon Yang, Research Manager at TrendForce
Sim Choon Wah, Planning at Lumileds
Sim Lay Khuan, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Song Yao Lin, Marketing at Beautiful Light
Sow Yeek Kooi,Senior Director at Lumileds
Stark Tsai,Senior Manager at Taiwan Color Optics
Stephen Chung, Technical Sales Director at Picosun
Steve Huang, Chairman at Celxpert
Steven Su,Vice President at USI
Suhaili Binti Mat Said, Supplier Quality Engineer at Lumileds
Sung Hung, Senior Sale Representative at JUNSUN TECH
Sven Hujo, Application Field Specialist at DELO Industrial Adhesives
Suzanne Su, Reliability Engineer at Apple
Tai Seok Peng, Senior Manager at Lumileds
Tan Ee Pin, NPI Product Engineer at Lumileds
Tan Hooi Siang, Technical Project Lead at Lumileds
Tan Cher Hoong, Senior Test Engineer at Lumileds
Tan Chew Pheng, Staff Engineer at Lumileds
Tan Chia Hui, Planning at Lumileds
Tan Kar Tuan, Planning at Lumileds
Tan Khye Lee, Manufacturing Engineering at Lumileds
Tan Swee Tiam, Associate Professor at Xiamen University
Tan Wooi Shiang, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Tan Yin Pin, Planning at Lumileds
Tan Yu Jing, Department Head at OSRAM
Teh Yong Chung, Department Head at OSRAM
Tham Ji Kin, Manager at Lumileds
Thomas Hessler, Director at Ligentec
Tim Lin, Researcher at Industrial Technology Research Institute
Tok Seah Cheong, Supplier Quality Manager at Lumileds
Tony Gao, General Manager at Kunshan Visco Electrical
Tony Tsai, AVP at EOI
Torsten Wipiejewski, Business Development Manager at Huawei Technologies
Tsai Mitch, Sales Manager at Nagase
Tsung Hsieh Chung,, Application Manager at ASM Pacific
Tu Kui, Manager at Lattice Power
Ushananthini Suppiah, Yield Engineer at Lumileds
Vanessa Lai, Marketing at LITE-ON Technology
Venkata Mokkapati, Business Development Manager at EVG
Venus Huang, Manager at PIDA Taiwan Photonics Cluster
Vincent Jao, Manager at Director at Pixelligent
Vincent Tien, Director at Naviance Semiconductor
Vittawat Vivekaphirat, Engineer at EGAT
Volker Sinhoff, CEO at AIXaETCH
Wallace Hsu, Senior Analyst at Institute for Information Industry
Wang Chuanwei, Lead Engineer at NIO
Wang Lihua, Graduate student at Tianjin university
Warren Julian
Wei Wei, General Manager at Beijing Heyuan Innovation Technology
Wes Lo, Manager at AUO
Willy Chiang, Manager at Orbotech
Wong Hung Khin, Senior Manager at Lumileds
Wong Chee Foong, Test Engineer at Lumileds
Wong Wen Chiet, Technical Project Lead at Lumileds
Woon Tien Ern, Manufacturing Engineer at Lumileds
Wu Junwei, Expert at Vivo Mobile Communications
Wu Kunhua, Manager at Lextar Electronics Corporation
Wu Qibao, Director at Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology
Wu Xiaoming, 无 at Nanchang University
Xiaoxi He, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
Xie Huafei, Display Technology Specialist at Vivo Mobile Communications
Yap Kar Fay, R&D Enginner at Lumileds
Yap Soo Cheong, Planning at Lumileds
YC Lee, Manager at APEX
Yeap Leong Wei, Manufacturing Engineering at Lumileds
Ye Dai, Business Unit Head at Focuslight
Yeoh Pit Yeow, Staff Reliabilty Engineer at Lumileds
Yeoh Siu Mei, Planning at Lumileds
Yiping Wang, Administrator at ITRI
Yoon Chon Leong, Director at Businesswise Consulting
YouChen Chen, Representative Member at Tukisumi
Yu Hoay Ming, Product Engineer at Lumileds
Yung-Hsiang Chao, AVP at EOI
Yusuff Md Yusoff Anuar, Manager at Lumileds
Yuyun Chen, Engineer EPISTAR
Zhang Bo, Standardization Engineer at NTLC
Zhang Cuiping, Senior Engineer at Huawei
Zhang Kai, Vice-general Manager at Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment
Zhang Ke, Teacher at Changzhou College of Information Technology CCIT
Zhang Shicheng, Senior Engineer at Unilumin
Zhang Xiaoru, PM at Hymson
Zhang Yingyi, General Manager Assistant at KHD
Zhao Xigang, Director of R&D at Shandong Prosperous Star Optoelectronics Technology
Zhou Yaping, Vice President at DISCO
Zine Bouhamri, Team Lead Analyst at Yole Développement
Zuga Ong Zu Quan, Lead Test Engineer at Lumileds


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