EPIC Online Technology Meeting on New Medical Devices Making the Impossible Possible

29 March  2021

15:00 – 17:00 CEST


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With every next generation, medical devices are aiming for less invasive and more precise procedures. Photonics is the key enabling technology for point-of-care devices. This meeting will discuss the state-of-the at technologies and address the upcoming demands from the healthcare industry.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 

Watch us LIVE on YouTube

These online technology meetings take place in Zoom with a limited group of people. If you would like to attend the meeting, please register below. There are limited seats and we allow only one person per company, but all our online technology meetings can be viewed LIVE on YouTube or be viewed afterwards if you have missed it. Here is the link to this meeting to view it on our YouTube channel EPICPhotonics


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Elena Beletkaia, Project Leader for Sensing and Healthcare Technologies at EPIC


More information about Louis can be found HERE.

Assistant Professor of Electronics at the Engineering Department of the University of Sannio in Benevento. Currently, he is also Board President and Co-founder of Often Medical, an innovative startup founded in 2018, operating in the MedTech sector.

Armando Ricciardi
President and Co-founder Often Medical

Dr. Dan Regelman is an electro-optical systems expert, co-founder, and director of Augmentiqs.

Dan Regelman
Founder and Director at Augmentiqs
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More information about Kim can be found HERE.

Kimberly Netzeband
Senior Manager & Strategic Marketing of Life Sciences at II-VI
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Cristian is an entrepreneur and inventor. After a successful career at GE Healthcare where he was GM Surgical Navigation, he started nView medical and developed novel imaging technology from inception, to clinical stage and to commercial launch.


Adrien Billat, Sales and Application Manager at Teem Photonics
Aldas Juronis, Head of OEM Lasers Program at EKSPLA
Alessandro Fantoni, Professor at ISEL
Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings
Alistair Kean, Professor at NikaWorks
Amandine Debloudts, Marketing Communications Manager at SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques
Angela Williams, Director at ARM
Antoine Boudet, Senior Development Engineer at Helia Photonics
Ariadna Martinez, Project Manager at ICFO
Axel Bertholds, CEO at SENSOPTIC
Barbara Darnell, Marketing Consultant at ScinTech
Ben Standish, Director at Excelitas
Benjamin Gray, CTO at Lighthouse Imaging
Carolin Klusmann, Researcher at Carl ZEISS
Cath Hossain, Senior Scientist at CPI
Chaithanya Kumar, Analyst at Sigma Aldrich
Csilla Timar-Fulep, Optical Engineer at Zemax
Daniel Woods, Senior Consultant at GBF Strategy
David Yakobi, Cardiac Surgeon & Medical Consultant at Wolfson Medical Center
Dennis Leiner, President at Leiner Optics
Dieter Bingemann, Application Scientist at Wasatch Photonics
Elzbieta Beres-Pawlik, Professor at RELS
Emile Schoenmakers, Business Developer at Tegema
Eric Janssen, Program Manager at Prodrive Technologies
Erik Luyk, Online Marketing Manager at SMART Photonics
Francois Couny, PLM at EXFO
François Guillot , Segment Leader Medical at Amplitude Laser
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS
Galit Ankri-Eliahoo, CEO at IScanOr
Georg Draude, GM at Chroma Technology
Gerwin Puppels, Managing Director at RiverD International
Giuseppe Antonacci, CEO at Specto Photonics
Giuseppe Coppola, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at PhotonDelta
Gonzalo Muyo, Senior Engineering Manager at Optos
Hanna Bailey, Sales Engineer at Alpine Research Optics
Hannah Douglas, Marketing at Cambridge Consultants
Hannes Fachberger, Project Manager at PROFACTOR
Harry Inia, Investment Director at TD Shepherd
Henk Leeuwis, VP Strategy and Innovation at LioniX International
Henrik Akesson, Head of Global Sales at UpNano
Huihui Lu, Researcher at Tyndall National Institute
Ian Reilly, Managing Director at Vortex Optical Coatings
Ivan Kostadinov, Research & Development at PROAMBIENTE
Jan-Willem Doosje, Senior Business Developer at Demcon
Jason Donnelly, Managing Director at Medical Devices UK
Jeff Clark, Engineering Manager at Chroma
Jens Biesenbach, General Manager at BWT Laser
Jeroen Hoet, Chief Business Development at Caeleste
Johann Lomsek, Business Development at Robooptic Systems
Johannes Rothe, Director at SINOLUMINA
John Freiermuth, Chief Business Development Officer at Optics Balzers
John Rawsthorne, Technology Planning and Cooperation Manager at Huawei Technologies
Kai Ojala, Research Scientist at VTT
Kamal Kaur, Project Manager at Ugent
Karlijn Peters, Junior Consultant at Berenschot
Lars Lindvold, Senior Scientist at Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Laura Gemini, Group Manager at ALPhANOV
Lidia Briquets, Sales & Marketing Manager at ASE Optics
Lisa Last, COO at nView medical
Luis Diaz-Santana, Head of Ophthalmology at Cambridge Consultants
Lukas Krainer, CEO at Prospective Instruments
Maja Thies, Product Manager at LIMO – A Focuslight Company
Majid Sarhangi, Sales Manager at Evatecnet
Maksym Sich , CEO at AegiQ
Marc Bax, Managing Director at Panchromos
Marc Faucheux, President at Laser & Medical Devices Consulting
Marco Gavagnin, Team Leader at AT&S
Maria Chiara Ubaldi, CEO at CareGlance
Markus Bilger, Senior Director Product Line Management at Viavi Solutions
Marta Zanoletti, Post Doc Researcher at ICFO
Martynas Barkauskas, CEO at Light Conversion
Matthias Lorenz, Business Development at AEMtec
Melanie Wahlers, Business Developer at Axetris
Michael Scholles, Head of Project Hub at Fraunhofer IPMS
Michiel Oderwald, Senior Business Developer at TNO
Nils Kirstaedter, CEO at Lumics
Nimrod Nissim, Optic Engineer at SPO
Oliver Lawal, CEO at AquiSense Tehcnologies
Oliver Prochnow, CEO at VALO Innnovations
Oliver Pust, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Delta Optical Thin Film
Oriana Di Marco, Head of Business Development at STMicroelectronics
Pascal Nivesse, Responsible Development at Photonics France
Patrick Bowen, Senior Research Scientist at NKT Photonics
PeiHao Tseng, Optoelectronic Device Division at PetaHeteronics
Peter Cheng, CEO at Endofotonics
Piotr Bartczak, Co-Founder at SeeTrue Technologies
Rajib Ratan Ghosh, PhD Rresearch Scholar at IIT Delhi
Reinhard Voelkel, CEO at SUSS MicroOptics
Renato Turchetta, CEO at Imasenic
Richard Crocombe, Principal at Crocombe Spectroscopic Consulting
Samuel Bucourt, CEO at Imagine Optic
Sandro Mengali, Director at CREO
Serge Mordon , Research Director at INSERM
Silvano De Pascalis, Sales Manager at Laser Optronic
Sören Fricke, Sector Head at CSEM
Stefano Prandoni, Sales Director at Bandwidth10
Steve Allen, Director Marketing at OFS
Thomas Brunschwiler, Research Staff Member at IBM Research
Tom Harvey, Healthcare Photonics Lead at CPI
Torsten Ledig, Sales Manager at AMS Technologies
Udo Fetzer, Key Account Manager at OFS
Ulrich Staerker, CTO at Volpi
Vadim Pogoretskiy, Business Developer at JePPIX
Viacheslav Artyushenko, President & CEO at art photonics
Yves Bertic, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing at Luminus
Zoe Ylöniemi, Technical Sales Engineer at Modulight


To participate, you need to have access to a computer (preferred) or phone, with video/microphone/sound, you can test your setup on Zoom. By registering, you agree that we can use your data to inform you about the details of this event. EPIC will also share the participants list with the other participants or interested parties. Participation is confirmed only when received a confirmation email from the EPIC staff.
Note: We allow only 1 person per company to participate in the Zoom room. Everyone is of course welcome to join us via YouTube. All attendees in Zoom are expected to participate in the full length of the meeting. By registering you acknowledge our GDPR Statement.


EPIC Events Manager Sharara Qasemova: sharara.qasemova@epic-assoc.com, mobile: +420 775465552