EPIC Online Technology Meeting on PIC Packaging

26 April 2021

15:00 – 17:00 CEST


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In this meeting, we will have an update about new trends and considerations for packaging and testing of optical modules including passive/active optical alignment, wafer-level vs die level packaging and testing, thermal control, volume vs prize and new manufacturing needs in co-package optics. Key players in the packaging field will discuss about the adoption of standards, packaging requirements for new applications and development of large-volume manufacturing processes.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships. 

Watch us LIVE on YouTube

These online technology meetings take place in Zoom with a limited group of people. If you would like to attend the meeting, please register below. There are limited seats and we allow only one person per company, but all our online technology meetings can be viewed LIVE on YouTube or be viewed afterwards if you have missed it. Here is the link to this meeting to view it on our YouTube channel EPICPhotonics


Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC
Ana Gonzalez, R&D Manager at EPIC


He previously founded two photonic companies and established the Photonics Packaging and Integration Group at Tyndall in 2009. Peter is also Deputy Director of the Irish Photonics Integration Centre.

Michael is also a part-time full professor, and chair of optoelectronics at Glyndwr University in Wales, UK. He has been focusing on InP-based PICs and optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) for the datacenter segment.

He worked in speech recognition with Hidden Markov Model and Neural Networks algorithms. Alexander is co-author of several papers and an inventor on 14 patents, and he worked on high-end packaging for the last decade.

Alexander Janta-Polczynski
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer at IBM
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He is working in InP based MZ-Modulator development and introduced Co-Designs with driver and new packaging approaches to achieve high bandwidths and low power consumption. He is author and coauthor of more than 60 papers and holds 13 patents.

Karl-Otto Velthaus
Senior Project Manager at Fraunhofer HHI
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He held several positions in engineering, research, technology scouting, and management.  Jeroen is the author and co-author of several publications and holds 15 patent applications in the field of optical interconnection technology.

Jeroen Duis
Chief Commercial Officer at PHIX
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Adrien Billat, Sales and Application Manager at Teem Photonics
Alberto Hinojosa, Engineer at VLC Photonics
Alberto Quirós Pérez, Electronics Engineer at iPronics programmable Photonics
Aldas Juronis, Head of OEM Lasers Program at EKSPLA
Aleksandra Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin
Alexander Telle, CEO at ACM Coatings
Alexandre Chikhaoui, Business Development Director at X-Celeprint
Alexey Shkolnik, Director of Operations at Innolume
Antonello Vannucci, CTO at Photonics 42
Bart Bergman, Design Center Offering Director at AIM Photonics
Benjamin Bernard, Staff Engineer Process Development at Infineon
Benjamin Wohlfeil, Manager at ADVA Optical Networking
Bradford Factor, Packaging Technology at ASE
Carlos Viana, CEO at ICON Photonics
Chang Ray, Technical Program Manager at Broadcom
Dan Neugroschl, President at Chiral Photonics
Daniele Palaferri, Laser Scientist at GEM elettronica
David Chen, Assistant Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Applied Optoelectronics
David Heard, Vice President Sales at Santec
David Potter, Director of Marketing at Luna Innovations
Dietrich Wins, Product Marketing Manager at PI
Dimitrios Kalavrouziotis, Senior Engineer at NVIDIA
Dirk de Man, Business Development Manager at Topic Embedded Systems
Domenico Tulli, CTO at Quside Technologies
Dominique Bonnisseau, Business Development at TEMATYS
Dowon Kim, Senior Staff Engineer at Intel
Douglas Aguiar, CEO at PhotonPath
Egidijus Vanagas, CEO at Evana Technologies
Erich Schlaffer, Program Manager at AT&S
Ernst Weissbach, Business Development Manager at Focuz
Fatiha Betscher, CEO at SGD
Flávio Silva, Product Marketing at Idea Electronic Systems
Florian Jung, Senior Global Business Manager at Sabic
Fotini Karinou, Senior Researcher at Microsoft
Fran Orzech, Engineer
Francois Menard, CTO at AEPONYX
Frank Ernst, Business Development Manager at NTS Optel
Gary Nicholl, Principal Engineer at Cisco
Gerd van den Branden, System & Industrialization Director at Prophesee
Gernot Wolkenstein, Product Manager at Finetech
Giovanni Delrosso, Senior Scientist, Project Manager at VTT
Glenn George, Managing Director at Bay Photonics
Gregory Flinn, Marketing Development at ficonTEC
Guilhem de Valicourt, Director of Photonic Integration at Nubis communications
Guillermo Carpintero, Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Gunther Vollrath , CEO at Aifotec
Henrik Madsen, CEO at SPIO Systems
Hossein Movla, Researcher at University of Tabriz
Huihui Lu, Researcher at Tyndall National Institute
Iñigo Artundo, CEO at VLC Photonics
Ivan Salinas, Senior Project Manager at Caeleste
Jason Zhang, GRA at UT-Austin
Jeroen Goyvaerts, Application Engineer at LIGENTEC
Joe Callaghan, Senior Technical Planner at Huawei
Joerg Neukum, Director Product Marketing at Dilas
Johann Lomsek, Business Development at Robooptic Systems
John Earnhardt, Director Specialty Sales at OFS
John Goward, Research Scientist at Facebook
John Parham, Business Development at Bay Photonics
Joost van Kerkhof, COO at PHIX
Jörg Smolenski, Business Develpoment Manager at Nanoscribe
Jose Galan, Sales Manager at VLC Photonics
Karl Muth, Principal Systems Architect at Broadcom
Kasia Placha, Packaging Engineer at Rockley Photonics
Katarzyna Lawniczuk, Vice President at BRIGHT Photonics
Kazuo Yamaguchi, Program Business Manager at Keysight Technologies
Larry Hsiao, Manager at Accton
Leontios Stampoulidis, Founder at LEO Space Photonics
Luc Augustin, CTO at SMART Photonics
Marc Beusenberg, Director of R&D at IMS
Martin Schell, Executive Director at Fraunhofer HHI
Masih Bahrani, Engineer at Synopsys
Masoud Amirkhani, Head of Department at nanoplus
Matthias Lorenz, Business Development Manager at AEMtec
Mike Shahine, Executive at General Dynamics
Milan Milosevic, Senior Research Fellow at University of Southampton, Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics (ORC)
Miquel Rudé, Photonics at Quside
Nathan Tracy, Technologist at TE Connectivity
Neil O’Brien, General Manager at Finetech USA
Nikolaus Flöry, Business Development Manager at Vario-optics
Nuno Edgar Nunes Fernandes, Engineer/Entrepreneur at Photonics Precision Technologies
Oliver Kirsch, Scientific Researcher at Fraunhofer IZM
Pascual Muñoz, Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València
Peter Harmsma, Program Manager at CITC
Peter Kung, President at QPS Photronics
Piers Tremlett, Packaging Specialist at Microchip
Przemysław Ropelewski, R&D Engineer at VIGO System
Reinhard Pusch, Advisor at RoodMicrotec
Richard Tsai, Senior Manager at Coretronic
Ronald Habekothe, Sales Manager at US Conec
Ruth Houbertz, Managing Director & Owner at ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting
Ryszard Piramidowicz, Head of Optoelectronic Systems Team at VIGO System
Sander Dorrestein, Senior Engineer at CITC
Santosh Joseph, Director at GGSales & Marketing
Stefan Mohrdiek, Section Head at CSEM
Stelios Pitris, PostDoctoral Researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Stephen Didde, Master Apps Engineer at Keysight
Stuart Pearce, Senior Director at AEM
Sven Krüger, Vice President at Huber+Suhner Cube Optics
Sven Otte, CEO at Sicoya
Tania Cortes, Business Development Executive at Yelo
tbu tbu, tbu at Axetris
Thomas Müller, Head of Sales at Finetech
Tolga Tekin, Scientist at Fraunhofer IZM
Tom Marrapode, Director of Advanced Technology Development at Molex
Tom Trexler, Marketing Director at Aehr
Victor Bernardo, Key Account Manager at Hamamatsu Photonics
Vincent Tsai, Business Director at Nvidia
Vincent Zeng, Supplier Quality Engineer at Facebook
Wenchieh Tsai, Sales at Nvidia
Wilfried Jahn, CTO at Silina
Wilfried Noell, R&D Director at SUSS MicroOptics
Yeeloy Lam, CTO at DenseLight Semiconductors


To participate, you need to have access to a computer (preferred) or phone, with video/microphone/sound, you can test your setup on Zoom. By registering, you agree that we can use your data to inform you about the details of this event. EPIC will also share the participants list with the other participants or interested parties. Participation is confirmed only when received a confirmation email from the EPIC staff.
Note: We allow only 1 person per company to participate in the Zoom room. Everyone is of course welcome to join us via YouTube. All attendees in Zoom are expected to participate in the full length of the meeting. By registering you acknowledge our GDPR Statement.


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