EPIC TechWatch at ECOC Exhibition

Bordeaux, France

15 September 2021

12:30-14:00 CEST


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EPIC invites you to a 90 min trip throughout the whole photonics supply chain of Optical Communications. This includes component design, fabrication, packaging and test, and their deployment in current and future optical networks. You can expect an EPIC style session with the energy of Jose Pozo as a moderator, with the common purpose of all participants and speakers to answer the so called EPIC question: what can you do for the others/what can the others do for you?


Introduction by Jose Pozo, EPIC

Low loss PICs: from fast prototyping to high volumes; Michael Geiselmann,  Co-Founder & Managing Director, LIGENTEC
Advanced electro-optical PIC testing with wafer-level test systems; Aljoscha Schu, Regional Sales Manager Europe, ficonTEC
UFO Probe® Card: Pushing PIC wafer test to the next level; Tobias Gnausch, Product Manager Test & Measurement, JENOPTIK
New concepts in VCSEL development; Nikolay Ledentsov Jr., Senior Engineer, VI Systems
JePPIX commercial foundry for integrated photonics; Marija Trajkovic, JePPIX Coordinator, JePPIX/TUE


Product Focus Theatre
Bordeaux Exhibition Centre
Rue Jean Samazeuilh CS 20088
33070 Bordeaux Cedex


The event is free of charge to all registered participants.

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EPIC Events Manager Helena Jelinkova: helena.jelinkova@epic-assoc.com; mobile: +420 606526252