EPIC TechWalk on Lasers and Material Processing at LASYS

7 June 2018

Stuttgart, Germany

Hosted at LASYS

Einfaches CMYK

Join us for a Walk around EPIC members booths at LASYS trade show on 7 June, 10 AM! Give questions, get answers, interact and be involved with this brand new concept of making tech presentations more interesting for the audience.

* You will get an audio guide system with headset and microphone for an excellent reception
* Stops @ up to 9 innovative stations within Hall 4  & presentations of the innovations straight at the booths
* More dynamic and more interactive setting than frontal presentations
*  Companies will be able to show their equipment that they have at their booths

The EPIC TechWalk on laser materials processing systems will compile a set of industry presentations covering the full value chain. The companies that form this laser material processing sector are for the most part European countries, and the industry itself is the latest evolutionary development in a long European history of excellence in optics and fine mechanics. Yet, the development of laser systems requires competencies and experience in a range of disciplines such as optics, electronics, user interface design, material handling, IT interfacing up to machine vision for in-line quality inspection. A key to healthy economic development in all laser sectors is progress from component manufacture to added-value systems development. The strong European presence in laser materials processing is reflected in a broad value chain with many participating companies, from fundamental materials development through all aspects of laser-beam generation, to processing protocols and workpiece handling. This value chain is supported by R&D funding that tends to support development of process systems based on lasers, rather than laser development per-se. In addition, there are a number of open-access laser process development laboratories where potential customers can try out new equipment and processes.


Messe Stuttgart, LASYS Tradeshow , Hall 4 (Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart).

Starting point: in front of Hall 4, 10 AM (look for EPIC TechWalk promo booth).


10:00 – 10:10 Meeting at the EPIC TechWalk booth (in front of Hall 4), receiving audio guide systems.
10:10 – 10:15 Networking walk to the 1st company booth
10:15 – 10:30 Presentation by LASER COMPONENTS
Booth C33. Real time M² and focus position measurement from mW to kW with BWA-MON / Michael Scaggs, Senior Optical Design Engineer
10:30 – 10:35 Networking walk to the 2nd company booth
10:35 – 10:50 Presentation by UNIVET
Booth no. A51. Your eyes, our passion! /Fabrizio Ferranti, Business Development Manager
10:50 – 10:55 Networking walk to the 3rd company booth
10:55 – 11:10 Presentation by New Infrared Technologies
Booth C71.1. CLAMIR solution for LMD/cladding real-time process control based in high-speed infrared imaging / Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Manager
11:10 – 11:15 Networking walk to the 4th company booth
11:15 – 11:30 Presentation by Rofin-Sinar 
Booth B83. TBA. / Yannick Galais, Sales Manager
11:30 – 11:35 Networking walk to the 5th company booth
11:35 – 11:50 Presentation by OPTOMAN 
Booth C71.3. IBS coated optics for bringing efficiency of lasers to the next level / Vytautas Jankauskis, Sales Manager
11:50 – 11:55 Networking walk to the 6th company booth
11:55 – 12:10 Presentation by Femtika 
Booth C71.3. Hybrid laser 3D micro-fabrication / Vidmantas Sakalys, CEO 
12:10 – 12:15 Networking walk to the 7th company booth
12:15 – 12:30 Presentation by Santec
12:30 – 12:35 Networking walk to the 8th company booth
12:35 – 12:50 Presentation by ILT Fineworks 
Booth E53. Micromachining with Ultra Short Puls Lasers / Alex Cloo, Account Manager & Paul Bant, CEO
12:50 – 12:55 Networking walk to the 9th company booth
12:55 – 13:10 Presentation by Physik Instrumente (PI)
Booth E15. Precision Motion in Optics and Photonics Manufacturing /Testing / Steffen Arnold, Head of Marketing & Communication
13:10 – 13:15 Networking walk to the 9th company booth
13:15 – 13:30 Presentation by Qioptiq Photonics
Booth D13. Cutting Edge Lenses and Isolators designed for Challenging Laser Applications / Volker Melzer, Director Product Management 


For any questions please contact EPIC Events Manager Neringa Norbutaite by neringa.norbutaite@epic-assoc.com