European Projects

Reinforce your project proposal with a strong dissemination partner

Looking for partners for your EU project? A detailed description of the members of the consortium is available in the downloadable EPIC Members Directory in PDF and EPIC Members Directory in MS Word. EPIC members may also contact EPIC for personal recommendations.

Sustainability and Dissemination are important elements of your project proposal. When we are part of your consortium, we offer to take care of stakeholder management, communication (website, newsletter, promotion at events), dissemination of training curricula, content and programmes. We can develop business cases for technology and dissemination among SMEs, cluster platforms and industrial organizations. EPIC can support in identifying follow-on funding opportunities as part of the effort to assure long-term impact and sustainability. At the end of the project, we survey and identify sustainability actions for project technology, define implementation actions and take advocacy action to support follow-up.

Established in 2003, EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) is the best connected association in Europe for Photonics. We compiled the largest database of 5000 photonics companies, and have established relations with industry, research organizations, media, and funding organizations. Through EPIC, you gain access to a large network and various communication tools. EPICs dissemination work was recognized by the award of 1st Prize in the ICT-4EE Competition for Effective Project Website in 2010.

EPIC has conducted these tasks on several European projects, recent and in progress projects include:

  • PIXAPP – Photonic Packaging Pilot Line (H2020 – ONGOING)
  • MIRPHAB – A Pilot Line for the manufacturing of Mid-Infrared sensors (H2020 – ONGOING)
  • TERABOARD –  Optical interconnects with ultra-high density and scalable bandwidth for intradata center communication (H2020 – ONGOING)
  • PICs4ALL –  Creation of a European network of Application Support Centres in the field of Photonic Integrated Circuits (H2020 – ONGOING)
  • NEXPRESSO – Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems (258178 FP7-ICT – COMPLETED)
  • EUROPIC – EUROpean manufacturing platform for Photonic Integrated Circuit (228839 FP7-NMP – COMPLETED)
  • LIFT – Leadership In Fiber Technology (228587 FP7-NMP – COMPLETED)
  • OLED100.EU – Organic LED lighting in European dimensions (224122 FP7-ICT – COMPLETED)
  • ACCORD – Advanced components cooperation for Optoelectronics research and development (34041 FP6-IST – COMPLETED)
  • MONA – Merging Optics and NAnotechnologies (17255 FP6-IST – COMPLETED)
  • OPERA – Optics and Photonics in the European Research Area (15734 FP6-IST – COMPLETED)

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