Venture & Finance

The EPIC Venture and Finance Workgroup is dedicated to the promotion of venture and finance activities among the association’s members. EPIC’s mission has always been to maximise the business development opportunities of its members through networking, information and partnering. The new Venture and Finance Workgroup takes this a step further through a series of focused activities aimed at attracting investors to photonics, promoting trade investment among members, fostering SME development and cooperating with the public funding sector on the continuous improvement of financing conditions for photonics entrepreneurs.

Kurt Weingarten,
Managing Director
of Lumentum (Switzerland), Founder of Time-Bandwidth Products.

EPIC’s membership is mainly composed of small and young innovative companies, access to finance is crucial for scaling up their businesses and I am glad to be part of this initiative for taking concrete action to truly help.
110 participants, 15 countries, 24 pitches, 30 investors, 45 one-on-one meetings

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EPIC Venture and Finance Workgroup Members

  • Kurt Weingarten (Chairman)
    Managing Director, Lumentum (Switzerland)
  • Giorgio Anania
    CEO & President, ALEDIA (France) (Vice-Chairman)
  • Christian Velez
    CEO, EXALOS (Switzerland)
  • Christian Neumeyr
    CEO & Founder, Vertilas (Germany)
  • Drew Nelson
    CEO & Founder, IQE (United Kingdom)
  • Eric Mottay
    CEO & Founder, Amplitude Systèmes (France)
  • Graeme Malcolm
    CEO, M Squared Lasers (United Kingdom)
  • Andreas Umbach
    Vice President and General Manager, Finisar (Germany)
  • Hans van den Vlekkert
    CEO & Founder, LioniX BV (The Netherlands)
  • Hugues Tariel
    CEO & Founder, DIAFIR (France)
  • Jan Meise
    CEO & Founder, AMS Technologies (Germany)
  • Joerg Muchametow
    CEO & Founder, eagleyard Photonics (Germany)
  • Maria Titova
    CEO, Technospark Nanocenter (Russia)
  • Michael Lebby
    Chair of Optoelectronics, Glyndwr University Integrated Photonics (United Kingdom)
  • Miguel Melo
    Managing Director, MW Technologies (Portugal)
  • Nick Martin
    Managing Director, Advanced Fibre Optic Engineering (AFE) (United Kingdom)
  • Petteri Uusimaa
    CEO & Founder, Modulight (Finland)
  • Pim Kat
    CEO & Founder, Technobis (The Netherlands)
  • Ruth Houbertz
    CEO & Founder, Multiphoton Optics (Germany)
  • Thierry Gonthiez
    CEO & Founder, Resolution Spectra Systems (France)
  • Wolfgang Gries
    CEO & Founder, DirectPhotonics (Germany)
  • Young Kwon
    Managing Director, Powerlase (United Kingdom)

Ray Quintana,
General Partner
Technology Fund

In spite of unusual investment requirements like high capital expenditure and longer return periods, investments in photonics have shown us, on average, 3-4 times the return of a typical venture capital investment with a standard 8-10 year return period.