International Delegations

EPIC international delegations consist of a combination of meetings, company visits, speaking opportunities, networking events, …The purpose is primarily to establish initial contacts with key stakeholders of the photonics industry, potential business partners, and identify technology development collaboration opportunities. Delegations are usually less than 10 people, usually management representatives of EPIC member companies, but occasionally non-members are accepted depending on the level of the participant (C-level preferred), main purpose (partnership/collaboration preferred), total number of participants, etc… For additional information please contact Carlos Lee, Director General, EPIC at

  • 8 November 14:00-17:00 visit to the Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • 9 November: full-day programme at Denel/Airbus DS Optronics in Centurion (21 km from the hotel) followed by a social event organised by the Embassy for the photonic community in Pretoria
  • 10 November: visit to CSIR National Laser Centre, DPSS – Defence for Peace Security and Safety, Hitech Lasers, SDI Lasers.
DELEGATION TO CHINA: 15-17 November 2016

In conjunction with the Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors in Beijing. See spreadsheet for details of the sessions.

  • The organizer will provide 1 free ticket (for executive level attendees CEO/CTO/President outside of China) and complimentary meals worth 750$ for and
  • Opportunity for a 5 minutes presentation as part of the conference, but your talk must be related to the session topic and focus on technology.
  • Possibility to display a roll-up poster and flyers in the hall way or in the meeting room.
  • Meet Chinese representative for 2 lunches and 1 after conference drinks: Nov 16 at 12:30 (lunch) 18:30 (drink), Nov 17 at 12:30 (lunch). The delegation will also join the Welcome Banquet on Nov 15 at 18:30.
DELEGATION TO ISRAEL: 28 February-1 March 2017
  • In conjunction with the OASIS Conference and Exhibition on Optics and Electro-Optics in Tel-Aviv.
  • DRAFT Agenda:
    • 26 February – Visits and Networking
    • 27-28 February OASIS Conference
    • 28 February – Delegation Meetings
    • 1 March – Delegation Meetings and Company Visits
      In conjunction with the EPIC EU-Asia Laser Industry Summit in Shenzhen. Similar content and format as previous year:

  • 10 companies will be selected to make a plenary talk at the conference, some only a 5 minutes talk. But, the selection of companies is done jointly with GDLIA and the organizer of the exhibition.
  • Free ticket for the conference and exhibition.
  • Several lunch/drink meetings with Chinese laser companies.
  • Golf and other casual networking to build trust and make contacts.
  • Company visits.
  • Strictly restricted to EPIC members only.
DELEGATION TO BRAZIL: Sept/Oct 2017 (dates to be confirmed)

In combination with the opening of Senai Laser Center


In conjunction with CIOE in Shenzhen. No concrete plans yet.

DELEGATION TO RUSSIA: 2018, no concrete plans yet.
DELEGATION TO IRAN: 2018, no concrete plans yet.
DELEGATION TO KOREA: 2018, no concrete plans yet.