Member Clusters

There are over 40 photonic clusters in Europe, a list is available (download).The following clusters and associations are member of EPIC.

Alpha Route des Lasers, the Route des Lasers™ competitiveness cluster is governed by the ALPhA (Aquitaine Lasers, Photonique & Applications) association. It brings together the region’s players in research / industry / technology transfer / training in optics and lasers / dedicated industrial parks / international partnering business convention (Invest in photonics), to jointly conduct actions that structure and stimulate the sector.

ALPhA works to:
• Assist with innovative projects in industrial R&D, collaborative or pivotal projects, the implementation of selection and approval mechanisms, orientation towards specific financing programs at the regional, national and European level, capitalization of project results in research, industry and services
• Conducting actions and representing local authorities
• Implementation of the cluster’s growth and attractiveness policy
• Partnerships with other competitiveness clusters

ALPhANOV is the Optics and Lasers technological center of the French Route des Lasers™ competitiveness cluster. Supported by the Aquitaine Region, it operates as a private, non-profit organization specialized in technology transfer in close collaboration with CEA/CESTA, CNRS, and the Bordeaux universities. ALPhANOV provides the technical resources and expertise required to fulfil the R&D challenge of innovative project in collaboration with SMEs and laboratories. Located in the Bordeaux area, ALPhANOV employs about 30 highly skilled Researchers, Engineers and Technicians. Its 700-m² facility hosts several dedicated technology platforms, specific laser and metrology systems available for projects in every field of optics and lasers. ALPhANOV conducts scientific research in photonic technology in collaboration with academic laboratories from the Bordeaux University. The Center’s expertise encompasses laser processing and micromachining, laser sources and optical fiber components, optical systems development and imaging. ALPHANOV is also currently involved in about ten laser technology-oriented national and European projects.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers business and technology promotion for companies, investors and science institutes in Berlin. With carefully tailored services and excellent links to research, our experts provide an outstanding range of offerings to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin. We support and advice companies and research institutions, which aim to establish business in Berlin or to further grow at the site, by providing comprehensive services and information within the fields of photonics and microsystems technology. The management of the Berlin Brandenburg Photonics Cluster lies with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, as well as OpTec-Berlin-Brandenburg and ZAB Brandenburg Economic Development Board. The Photonics Cluster in Berlin and Brandenburg is especially distinguished by the strong scientific basis and the high amount of specialized small and medium-sized companies with widely ranged know-how – a perfect basis for a mutual transfer between science and industry, and innovation driver for other branches.


KTN is a single outward looking face for, and point of access to, the Electronics, Sensors and Photonics community of industries, academia and entrepreneurs. It is a robust, recognised, independent and influential voice of the community into Central Government & Devolved Administrations, Technology Strategy Board, Research Councils, RDAs: and whatever other organisations are usefully engaged. It is also an organisation that recognises the imperative of responding to current societal and economic challenges but with the ability to promote Technology Inspired Innovation as a vital part of its portfolio.

The Association FOTONIKA–LV at the University of Latvia has been created to take a challenge to lead the photonics sector in the country and has a clear vision of its mission to nurture and develop sustained and growing research activities in photonics domain for Latvia and European Research Area.

Lithuanian Laser Association (LiLA) strives to consolidate the efforts of its member companies, institutions and the Lithuanian laser community overall in retaining and persistently strengthening the leading positions the laser and closely related fields, counting both science and commercial developments, have conquered not without a kind of historical fortune. It focuses on creating synergies through shared excellence, complementary technical expertise, as well as certain refined lobbying to secure constant attention and strategic support from government and other deciding authorities. The companies under LiLA umbrella ensure their customers and partners the highest quality R&D in laser technologies, and supply various components and devices ranging from micro-lasers to utmostly sophisticated equipment for Extreme Light Infrastructure facilities. Laser companies possess a full spectrum of skills and know-how necessary for the design and manufacturing of optical coatings, optical and opto-mechanical components, fine mechanics, short and ultrashort pulse lasers, laser technology equipment & work stations, and a number of other products and services.


Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg: OpTecBB e.V. is the Competence Network for Optical Technologies an Micro Systems Technologies in the German Capital region of Berlin and Brandenburg. It is the aim of the network to connect representatives in industry, research, education, the finance and consulting sector as well as politics, to jointly foster the development and application of Optical Technologies and Micro systems Technologies.

Particular focus areas include:

  1. laser technology;
  2. lighting technology;
  3. optical and especially x-ray analytics;
  4. biomedical application and ophthalmology;
  5. optical communication and sensor technologies;
  6. microsystems technologies.


Opticsvalley, created in 1999, is the first photonics cluster created in France. With a staff of 15 employees, Opticsvalley develops support actions for its 200 plus members. Through its network animation: contacts in enterprises, labs, academic institutions, etc., information dissemination and support activities, Opticsvalley promotes innovation, contributes to the Paris-Region’s economic development, supports other regional & local actors and facilitates the convergence of optics, electronics and software engineering. It has a specific support “the Employment exchange” open to industry and research entities. Opticsvalley provides individualized support to SMEs: a tailor-made service & methodology offering analysis, concerted evaluations and action plans, focused on the SME’s development project, including the mobilization of different resources: R&D partners, financing, training, export, business operation.

OPTITEC is a French competitiveness cluster specialized in complex optics and imaging systems dedicated to space, aeronautics, defense, medical, food industry and green photonics applications. OPTITEC with 190 highly committed members, represents more than 25% of French R&D in optics, the cluster developments are based on leading edge research centers and universities with world-renowned laboratories. The industrial sector has an average growth rate of 10% with 40% of their turn over based on export, and 15% dedicated to R&D.

Photonics Finland is the Finnish research, innovation and technology cluster and platform in photonics. It connects Finnish photonics companies, research centres, universities, and public authorities together. Photonics Finland supports the development of the photonics field from basic research through to the deployment and market launch of products. Photonics Finland develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland in sectors like health care, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing, and sustainability. Photonics Finland supports networking within Finland and establishes contacts within Europe, especially to the European technology platform Photonics21.


PhotonicsNL Association (PNL) is the unique Dutch platform for ‘high tech’ companies, knowledge institutes and educational  institutes at all levels to exchange and spread knowledge regarding photonics. Creating awareness of the importance of Photonics as key enabling technology, resulting in new entrepreneurship and new jobs is our main objective. We are well connected to a widespread photonics network, both national and international. Besides our Photonics Magazine and website we organize all kind of activities like trade shows, workshops, tailor-made trainings and last but not least our own annual Photonics Event. As the unique Dutch platform PNL is involved in several EU-projects together with partners from all over Europe that aim for the same goal.


Photonics Bretagne is a cluster of research centers, schools and companies in the field of photonics, based in North-West of France: Brittany. PERFOS, R&D platform of Photonics Bretagne, develops custom microstructured fibers: Airclad, Highly Nonlinear, Solid or Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap, PM, Multiclad, etc. for your applications. PERFOS’ expertise extends to all types of fibers: doped and un-doped with particular emphasis on silica and chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers but also to capillaries, tapers, couplers for fiber sensors or fiber lasers. We can also offer a global solution involving some of the members of our cluster or redirect you to the right partner within our network.


The TECHNOSPARK Nanotech Center was established in 2012 under the auspices of the consortium of scientific and research institutes, continuing centers of shared use, scientific and educational centers, and educational institutions of the town of Troitsk: New Moscow. The implementation in  Troitsk was conditioned by the high concentration in the town of large research centers in the sphere of laser technology, superhard and new carbon materials, spectroscopy and nuclear physics. Now, science-based experimental and small series productions of nanotech products exist and develop under the auspices and in the experimental and production facilities of scientific and research institutes and branches of these specializations.

The Torbay Hi Tech Forum was established in 2010 to promote and support Torbay’s photonics, electronics and related industry sectors. With a membership comprising of worldwide market leading companies to small and medium sized enterprises the forum continues to seek opportunities for collaboration, ongoing sector development and inward investment. Torbay’s particular strengths are in R&D, design, new product development, prototyping of; tuneable lasers, opto-electronics, fibre optics, photonics packaging, global positioning & navigation test and semiconductors. Torbay is also home to much advanced manufacturing in some of these areas. Our companies are operating in the telecoms, aerospace, military & defence and healthcare sectors and have research and development laboratories with dedicated teams working on addressing cutting edge solutions to industry, such as the area of space photonics. We have established links to leading research and expertise in photonics and graphene at both Plymouth University and University of Exeter.

For more detail on the Torbay Hi Tech Forum please visit – http://www.torbaydevelopmentagency.co.uk/networking-and-events/torbay-hi-tech-forum
For more detail on locating/expanding into Torbay please visit – http://www.torbaydevelopmentagency.co.uk/invest-in-torbay