EPIC invites you to discover new laser applications!

Photonics is an added-value for Europe! Laser micro-manufacturing represents a great opportunity for the development of the European manufacturing industry as added-value manufacturing is a pillar of the European economy. Opening access to innovative tools and new technologies to SMEs is of strategic importance: without strong support for innovation, there can be no strong added-value production, only low-cost mass manufacturing. Collectively we must enable affordable, high-performance manufacturing resources to companies seeking to exploit specialty applications. Such sustainable manufacturing is profitable and is respectful of environmental constraints.

This work was originally funded under Interreg IVB NWE framework with several partners. The initiative facilitates the transfer of know-how from EcoLaserFact to SMEs for improved eco-friendly and cost effective laser based processes. The initiative federates actors involved in laser micro-manufacturing leading to an efficient international network or expertise that supports SMEs with the latest laser manufacturing technologies to produce highly functional and innovative products by an easy and cost effective access to on-demand processing equipments.

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