EPIC covers the whole spectrum of photonics, specifically in the field of Biophotonics, you can see below some relevant activities.
The list of participants and presentations of all EPIC events are freely available to all employees of EPIC member companies via the extranet.

Upcoming events and activities

A conference and exhibition on Biophotonics is in preparation,
scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany in fall 2015.

Past events, reports, activities

26-17 November 2015

EPIC Biophotonics Symposium and Exhibition in Berlin, Germany

(in conjunction with micro photonics)

  • 24 Presentations + participants list available on the extranet
  • Free exhibition booth for EPIC members
  • 89 Pictures
2-3 July 2014

EPIC Workshop on Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins

(hosted by the Hospital Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Center)

27-28 November 2013

EPIC Workshop on Optimizing the Road to Clinical Products in Maastricht, The Netherlands

(hosted by the Maastricht MUMC+ academic hospital)

April 2013

EPIC Releases Report on Biophotonics Market Technologies and Market Analysis

199 slides report on “Life Sciences & Healthcare Applications are Driving Biophotonics Market Growth” freely available to EPIC members or commercially for 5990 EUR.

25 October 2012

EPIC Workshop on Biophotonics
in Paris, France

  1. Understanding biologist’s needs: the next challenges for technologies developers
  2. Safety/security for Food, Air and Water. How do Raman and SPR sensors stack up against Cytometry?
  3. Is Biophotonics the key enabler for Personalized Medicine?
  4. OCT and photoacoustic imaging: hype or trend?