Photonic Integrated Circuits

Silicon Photonics is CMOS compatible, while laser source integration is still a technical challenge. InP-based devices are unmatched regarding the very versatile range of building blocks, including commercial grade lasers, but it lacks the leverage of existing CMOS infrastructure. EPIC engages the entire manufacturing value chain: software, design, manufacturing, test, and packaging. EPIC takes into account manufacturing for low-, mid-, and high-volume manufacturing.

III-V, Silicon Photonics, and TriPleX: individual strengths, challenges and opportunities. How will we make it work together?


Approaches for combining 3-5 and Si, add functionality to Si Photonics. Heterogeneous versus hybrid integration.


Assembly and packaging of densely integrated photonic devices: How to reduce the cost of system-level integration? Integration of electronics and photonics?

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