World Photonics Technology Summit 2019

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OptoSigma Europe

The purpose of this exceptional meeting is to bring experts and leaders from industrial companies around the world to discuss photonics technology developments, applications, and challenges. The event is by invitation only at CTO/CEO level (companies less than 100 employees) VP R&D VP Engineering (companies 100-250 employees) Director R&D (companies more than 250 employees), NO sales NO marketing NO business development, only 1 representative per company, with an audience of around 200 participants from 30 countries. The presentations will be short (15 minutes) followed by 5 minutes discussion moderated  by Dr. Jose Pozo, EPIC’s Director of Technology, renowned for his exceptional ability to engage the audience to explore synergy and business opportunities. The event is very much networking oriented with 11 networking opportunities (lunch, dinner, reception, coffee breaks) and a detailed participant list will be provided in advance (including a company description, personal biography and picture of every attendee). If you have not been personally invited but would like to participate, contact me before registering, email at

SPEAKER GUIDELINES: The audience are all experts, but in different fields. The talk should start with the basics but very quickly reach top level. The presentation should be 12-15 minutes long and will be followed by 5 minutes discussion. We recommend you have a short introduction of your company (1 min) of your products (2 minutes) of how the technology works & applications (5 minutes) and the future applications and challenges (5 minutes). Take advantage that you will be addressing a truly unique audience of top level people from the industry, covering the entire manufacturing value chain. The ideal outcome is that people know what you do, know what you could do, may solve some of your current challenges, what applications you could target, and maybe brainstorm ideas of what you could do together. The purpose is to establish new technology development collaborations, in your conclusion slide, you could add what kind of partners, collaborators you would like to have to solve your current technology bottlenecks. The meeting is held in a very collaborative spirit to further technology, develop new products, imagine new applications. If you have never attended and EPIC event, watch some of the pictures to get an impression. EPIC past meeting pictures.


Wednesday 28 August 2019

14:00 Departure from Hyatt Hotel (optional, priority for international delegates)
14:30-16:00 Company visit Fraunhofer HHI (limited to 50 attendees)
16:00-17:30 Company visit Fraunhofer IZM (limited to 50 attendees)
18:00-19:00 Dinner (all attendees welcome)
19:30-23:00 Networking Reception at Jamboree bar at Hyatt Hotel (all attendees welcome and strongly encouraged to attend)

Thursday 29 August 2019

07:00 EPIC traditional walk/run 3-6 kilometers + Networking breakfast
08:30 Registration and Welcome coffee
09:00-17:30 EPIC summit
10:30-11:15 Coffee break
12:30 Lunch break
15:00-15:45 Coffee break
18:00-23:00 Reception and Dinner at Hyatt Hotel

Friday 30 August 2019

08:30 Welcome coffee
09:00-15:00 EPIC summit
10:30-11:15 Coffee break
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 End
14:00-17:00 Company presentations from those awaiting for their plane departure…


We strongly recommend to book your accommodation at Grand Hyatt Berlin hotel (address: Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2, Berlin, Germany, 10785), where the event will be held. 
Reservations can done by using the reservation system on the hotel website using the group code G-EPC8 or by phone +49(0)3025531212 (please mention that you are booking your room for EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit). Price: 170 EUR / standard single room.
For any questions/comments related to hotel, travel, logistics, please contact Jasmine Vlietinck


THIS EXCLUSIVE EVENT IS BY INVITATION ONLY. The event is restricted to 1 representative per company c-level only. If you have not received a personal invitation but would like to participate, please contact BEFORE registering Carlos Lee . Early bird ticket price for EPIC members and invited companies: 425 EUR (excluding VAT);  non-members: 975 EUR (excluding VAT) available until 1 August. After the deadline prices will be increased by 200 EUR.

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Hermann Moos

Head of Technology Scouting & Product Manager at finetech

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 was very professionally organized and moderated. Most of the participants consider the event a total success and much more effective than any exhibition. I had about 60 conversations with different participants and I am sure some business will turn out for us in the midterm future. Also, some of the participants I talked to seem to be very interested in our solutions and want me to visit them and vice versa. Thus, consider it a win-win. I would like to congratulate the whole EPIC team. Keep up the good work. For sure I will attend one of the next meetings again

Pim Kat

CEO at Technobis Group

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 was inspiring. It will bring me at least two new customers for packaging and one or two opportunities to follow our product roadmap. The organization was as usual, but not taken for granted, again perfect.

Fetah Benabid

CTO at GLOphotonics

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 was very well organized. I particularly enjoyed the quality of the network and the contagious enthusiasm of Jose. I am convinced that your work will definitely have a beneficial impact on the EPIC members in particular, and on the photonic market players as a whole

Christian Vestergaard

CTO at NKT Photonics

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 had a good balanced audience, with participation of CEO/CTO’s to avoid too commercial talks. The presentations were well-kept short and concise. Fantastic networking opportunity with enough of time to catch people I wanted to connect to. I am sure participating several times will improve this further. I will for sure come again.

Luc Augustin

CTO at SMART Photonics

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 was enjoyable, educative, and useful in the right balance. I learned about several companies that I did not knew before and got some interesting contacts, and new business opportunities. I truly enjoyed.

Sir Colin Humphreys

Chairman at Paragraf

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit 2018 was brilliantly organised and a great success. Jose chaired all the talks wonderfully! He was so knowledgeable about every speaker: where they came from, what they did and how they might form links with others. He really brought people together in an amazing way. The organization was exceptionally good, from the programme to the hotel to the dinners. I have formed potential links for Paragraf with several companies, which I am following up now. Many thanks again for this hugely successful meeting.

Massimo Tormen

CEO & CTO at ThunderNil

The EPIC Global Photonics Technology Summit was simply great. There were a lot of interesting talks, possibilities for networking, friendly atmosphere and very good management and chairing of the sessions... I could not expect more than that.